Speculation Unleashed: Is Cameron more dangerous than Jeremy on Young and Restless?

Without villains, soap operas just wouldn’t be the same. Who else would stir up drama with vengeful plans, extortion threats, and sabotage if not the evil guys? The villains on The Young and the Restless are just as important to the show’s success as its super couples and heroes.

There have been many characters causing havoc since the 1973 show’s debut, but some stand out more than others. Today we will be comparing the two most recent evil men on the daily opera The Young and the Restless.

Jeremy Stark

Fans of Young and the Restless were pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the charming antagonist Jeremy Stark, who managed to win viewers’ hearts and minds. It seems that some fans are now actually enjoying James Hyde’s persona, even though he was originally intended to be a villain.

He was first hired for a brief period, and we saw him in the flashback sequences. Stark also played a role in Diane Jenkins’ history, which involved Jeremy employing her as a cash mule to transfer his illicit funds without her knowledge. Jeremy was supposed to be the villain. Due to Diane turning on him, handing him up to the Feds, and his subsequent imprisonment.

Is he a threat? Very likely yes. There is little to no chance for Jeremy Stark to be saved because of the situation he is in. He has assisted Phyllis in staging her demise so that Diane will pay. Of course, Genoa City is home to many individuals who have fared considerably worse.

If we give it some thought, there may be some Newmans and perhaps some Abbotts who haven’t done too badly. Jeremy still has a prominent position on the scale of villain threat, though. Fans still adore him despite his negative role.

Cameron Kirsten

When he returned to Genoa City, he saw Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby)! He sent Sharon a champagne bottle that was covered in blood. Can you remember whether there is somebody with such a terrifying personality as him in The Young and Restless? He’s a successful man, in all seriousness.

Speculation Unleashed: Is Cameron more dangerous than Jeremy on Young and Restless?
Speculation Unleashed: Is Cameron more dangerous than Jeremy on Young and Restless?

He is nice and clever. Then, Sharon learned some not-so-favorable things about him. They were naturally drawn to one another. What do you do, though, if you learn that the person you’re with plans to beat you mercilessly? Cameron is a very disturbed and dark person. That was not what Sharon anticipated from him.

He has spent 20 years behind bars. murder, kidnapping, and other crimes.

What Cameron seeks and the motivation behind his actions. He has good intentions, but they are also terribly nasty. The man is mistaken. He is simply so terrifying. After his return, The Young and the Restless plot has become more exciting.

Who is more dangerous:

While Comparing Cameron and Jeremy, Cameron seems more dangerous because of the way he thinks and this time around he has indeed crossed the line by kidnapping Faith.

On the other hand, Jeremy is a loved villain and the character still has hope for redemption. Although the way he threatened  Phyllis with a pair of scissors, and threatened her to make her fake death a reality, we can say he has the potential to be a dangerous villain.

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