What happened to Ned on General Hospital?

Ned Ashton Quartermaine’s presence in Port Charles is not as strong as it used to be because his character doesn’t appear on the show as regularly as in the past. 

Who is Ned Quartermaine?

Ned, who goes by the name Ward, was initially spotted working at Green Meadow Spa. He is the son of Tracy Quartermaine and Larry Ashton. Without realizing that Monica Quartermaine was his aunt by marriage, he had an affair with her.

He attempted to revive his relationship with Monica after losing his job and moving to Port Charles but instead fell for Dawn Winthrop, her daughter.

However, that romance came to an abrupt end when Dawn abandoned him on the morning of their wedding after learning of his affair with her mother. Ned then developed feelings for Jenny Eckert, but their union dissolved after he discovered she had an affair with a senator and miscarried.

Ned was prone to being involved in the Quartermaine family turmoil.

This resulted in a contentious custody dispute between Ned and Alexis, which came to an abrupt conclusion when Ned conceded and gave Kristina to Alexis. After A.J. stole from them, he returned to ELQ and attempted to assist Tracy to save the business from bankruptcy. However, after she betrayed him, he reopened L&B Records.

What happened to Ned on General Hospital
What happened to Ned on General Hospital?

When Alcazar invested in the business to help his niece Sage launch a singing career, things were going well. However, once Sage was murdered, everything changed.

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Even though Lois and Ned didn’t restart their romance when she got back to Port Charles, they continued to work together in business. Ned and Brook Lynn subsequently followed Lois after she had already gone back to Brooklyn.

Finally settling down to live happily ever after, Ned and Olivia.

Ned informed Olivia that until she informed Julian about Leo, they couldn’t truly be a family. Ned then left town. She declined, and he left town once more. Ned and Olivia were reunited, nevertheless, after coming once again to support Tracy through a medical emergency.

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After she declined his proposal, Olivia proposed to him herself, and they were married in July 2017 after escaping a hostage situation. When Laura withdrew from the mayoral contest, he helped Olivia as she adapted to life in the Quartermaine home and subsequently became mayor of Port Charles.

While Ned was pleased to try and remove Linc from her life, he also cut off his daughter to force her to fend for herself when she sold her ELQ shares to Valentin Cassadine.

Ned had a little amount of jealousy when Olivia traveled to Geneva with Robert Scorpio to meet Dante, and his fantasies ran wild when she stayed longer to assist the spy with a mission in Monaco. He gave Alexis a shoulder to cry on while also getting wasted and sleeping with her!

Although they made an effort to keep their one-night encounter a secret, Olivia became enraged with him when the truth ultimately out. He immediately started working on getting her back, but things became tricky when Olivia declined to get Leo tested for autism and Dr. Austin Gatlin Holt hinted that Leo could be on the spectrum.

Just before everything was supposed to be good, Ned has an accident!

Thankfully, Olivia changed her mind, and Ned finally made Leo his legal child. Additionally, they reaffirmed their wedding vows. Ned was concerned about the ELQ and Aurora merger from a business perspective since he thought he would be forced out of the firm. Ned sided with Valentin, who killed the merger when he was unable to reach an agreement with Michael and Drew.

When Ned overheard a discussion and discovered that Nina Reeves had given the FBI a tip, Olivia had finally come to trust Ned’s claims of innocence! Ned stumbled and fell into the pool, banging his head, but before he could alert anybody, he collapsed!

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