Is Jason coming back to GH? Will Jason Morgan return to GH in 2023?

He might be thought to be dead, according to General Hospital spoilers, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone forever. Truth be told, assuming there’s anything that we’ve found out about this imaginary town of Port Charles, it’s that you’re rarely truly dead regardless of whether that last nail is pounded into your final resting place.

When it comes to Jason Morgan, fans may be thinking precisely that. There has been a lot of speculation regarding the character’s potential return to life in 2023. What you need to know is as follows:

Will Jason Morgan Return To General Hospital In 2023?

Given that his best friend Carly Corinthos was in desperate need of someone right now, some fans have speculated that the show’s producers might recast the character.

Carly’s life is disintegrating to pieces so obviously, it could seem OK for her superhuman closest companion to return home and salvage her, correct? That is, assuming he’s even alive. Since his portrayer Steve Burton left the show in 2021, viewers have missed seeing Jason Morgan on the canvas, so they are certain he is.


Since Steve wouldn’t conform to the ABC organization’s antibody command, he was given up. The character’s last appearance on the canvas was in November of last year. Peter August, played by Wes Ramsey, also died in February. And keeping in mind that many individuals let out an enormous murmur of help over Peter’s demise, certain individuals couldn’t want anything more than to see Jason back.

Perceiving how Steve Burton has made no sign that he will be getting back to the cleanser at any point shortly, some are recommending that Wes Ramsey ought to have his spot. Given that Wes Ramsey is dating Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) in real life, wouldn’t that make for great television?

Is Jason Charcter have scope for returning to Port Charles?

No one knows for sure whether Jason Morgan is still alive or dead somewhere in the universe. Fans couldn’t want anything more than to see him once more. Nevertheless, to find out what’s to come in the future, viewers will need to tune in to General Hospital every day.

Is Jason coming back to GH Will Jason Morgan return to GH in 2023
Is Jason coming back to GH? Will Jason Morgan return to GH in 2023?

As of now, fans are theorizing concerning whether General Hospital could invite Burton back and revive Jason (once more). Not every person, nonetheless, believes that is essentially a way down which the show ought to go. Some fans expressed on Twitter, that The character is not required in my opinion.”

Who is Jason Morgan?

Jason Morgan was a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He has also appeared in the General Hospital: SOAPnet spin-off series. Night Shift. He was the adopted son of Dr. Monica Quartermaine and the late Dr. Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore.

Chief Drew Cain, a former Navy SEAL, was his identical twin. He was Jason Morgan, the persistent bad boy from General Hospital who had a heart of gold.

At the hour of his leave, Burton hypothesized concerning what could happen someplace not too far off, foreseeing a future which has, to some extent to limited extent, happened.

Where is Burton who played Jason now?

Recently, Burton joined the cast of Beyond Salem: The sequel to the Days of Our Lives spinoff. He reprised his role as Harris Michaels there, a character he had previously played on the Mothership in 1988.

His projecting prompted the hypothesis that maybe Burton could ultimately bring the person over to Days. Despite the possible uncover that Harris was a miscreant working with the shrewd little girl of Stefano DiMera, the entryway was passed on open for him to be recovered.

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17 thoughts on “Is Jason coming back to GH? Will Jason Morgan return to GH in 2023?”

    • Yes yes yes please bring Jason back; maybe when our Mayor goes looking for her son, she will find Jason with loss of memory but when he sees those that were in his life he will remember and come back as Jason

  1. First of all I’m sick and tired of people hating Nina for what she did and not remembering what Carly did to her mother before she knew that Bobby was her mom. She treated Bobby a much worse than Nina treated Willow. carlyy is a bitch from hell who has ruined peoples lives over and over as long as she’s been on this show. How about not telling Willow and Nina that she was her mother as well as Nells. As far as Wally Kurth goes I feel his story should end. He’s been on gh and dool for a long time. I no longer watch dool but I liked his character on dool much better. I’m all for Ned dying. It sounds cruel,I know, but I feel it’s time to end his story. Maybe a trio of Robert, Diane and Olivia would be fun.
    I don’t think Steve Burton will be back but I hope Dex is his son. I don’t believe that they should recast Jason. I couldn’t like for anyone to replace him. That’s like recasting Maurice Bernard’s character or Jacklyn Zeaman. Don’t do it. I do belief Victor and Peter are still alive. Again do not recast.

  2. I think that they need to bring Nell back. She fell off a cliff when Carley tried to pull her to safety. But since her body wasn’t found until weeks later, the woman that called the police on her could have been the one who died instead. Also I think they should bring Morgan back, and who would be better to be his wife than Belle Benson. I hope that Sony stays with Nina. She is better suited for him.

  3. I’m-am I the only one who noticed there was not a death episode for Bobbie(Jackie Zieman)???? Why did Epiphany get one and not Bobbie who has been on the show forever?? Please do t tell me they are recasting her…that would be an insult. But I’m not happy that time has passed and there’s no mention of Bobbie. Only a little saying after the show saying g “in memory of…”
    Puh-lease writers!! And also—not only do fans of the Nina secret want it to end NOW but you’re going to make us suffer and keep using the gag reflex to put up with Nina and Sonny?? Uggh. The storylines do mostly all suck now. Steve Burton is gone….Eddie Maine is back and no chemistry what do ever with Spencer and Trina. The storylines just keep dragging on…boring. And dumb. I say we all boycott the show until they end some of these lame storylines and make GH worth watching again!

    • I’m sure they are going to have a ceremony and celebration of Bobby’s life but they have to figure out a cause for her death in the show

    • I think they will someday maybe getting shows for a whole week of her and don’t laugh I been watching gh for over 50 yrs now

  4. It is sad Steve Burton left GH due to all the stupid mandates and it is even sadder he might not ever return due to all that stupidity. If anyone else even attempts to play the role of Jason Morgan it is just not going to work or be accepted by a good many of us GH fans. It is Steve Burton or no one. Hoping ABC can find a way Steve an return as Jason Morgan and respect his personal values and beliefs.

  5. First off yes we remember what Carly did but we love Carly and Nina is just annoying. I think what Nina did is worse and now she is encouraging Ned to stay Eddie for her own gain. Nina is only out for Nina and I hope Carly gets back everything she has lost sooner rather than later. Bring back Jason to save the day and please make it be Steve Burton he is the best.

  6. Steve Burton is much needed as Jason Morgan to return to GH. There’s excitement when he’s on the canvas. We need and majority want him back as he made it exciting to watch.ReplacevDex

  7. The show is so boring with out Steve Burton on the show as Jason .everything is so drawn out on so many storylines we need him back with sonny they was the best team on the show

  8. Of course Jason Morgan need to come to life. The show is awful without him and we also in need of the real Sonny as well. Nina need to go so Carly and Sonny can get back to their lives somehow somebody has to come to Drew Cain rescued.

  9. The show right now is boring there’s no real drama happening it’s moving at a snails pace… There used to be cliffhangers on Friday that made you feel like you couldn’t wait until Monday now there’s doe di doe moving at a snails pace. I can tell something is about to happen with the Mason and Gatlin Holt but that’s been brewing since almost last year!!! I think the show needs Steve Burton back to finish what he started. Now that could make fireworks!!!! Just my opinion ????


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