Who is Mason on General Hospital?

Viewers on General Hospital are curious about the mystery of Mason as they love to call him “Mysterious Mason”. Since his arrival, there are loads of confusion about what he wants in Port Charles.

Although his face was obscured, the figure made his debut appearance in the episode from June 15, 2022.

Who plays Mason in General Hospital?

Actor Nathanyael Grey, who has appeared in the movies Dead South and A Machete Killer, played Mason when he reappeared on the 20 episodes of the program. Even though Mason is still a bit of a mystery, this is what we do know thus far!

Mason’s name wasn’t even revealed when he initially showed up, but when Austin Holt challenged him, Austin saw Mason’s back in the Pautauk State Park woods. Austin advised him to avoid including Maxie Jones and her pals in any future communications with him and to do it when he is alone. 

A few weeks later, while spending the Fourth of July with Maxie, Austin received a call and informed the caller that he wasn’t in Pautauk and that they had to fulfill their obligation.

Mason and his mysterious story:

When Mason texted Austin at the end of July to meet him on the deck of The Haunted Star or he would come in and get him, Austin was the first person to see Mason. Mason pressed their hand and informed Austin that he had stopped responding.    

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His opportunity has passed, and he must go back to Pautauk. Mason emphasized to the doctor that Austin does report to his supervisor despite Austin’s protests to the contrary. Then, he sent a message from her informing Austin that his mission in Port Charles had been unsuccessful and that he must rejoin the group.

Who is Mason on General Hospital
Who is Mason on General Hospital?

Britt Westbourne stopped them and immediately excused himself when Mason became menacing. However, after receiving a second call from Mason, Austin informed Maxie that he would have to cancel their planned weekend together to attend to some business in Pautauk about his rental properties. Later, he contacted Mason to let him know that he was returning home to speak with “her.”

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Back in Port Charles, Austin ran saw Mason at the Metro Court pool and identified him as his cousin while introducing him to Maxie and Damian Spinelli. Mason was intrigued to learn about the impending Quartermaine charity picnic, but Austin forbade him from attending.

Mason kept Nick on life support!

Mason eventually told Austin that he would be keeping some special patients off the books and meeting them at the hospital. Furthermore, these patients were dubious individuals who had been shot and injured while performing their duties. Mason, however, vowed to harm Maxie and Georgie if Austin disobeyed their boss’ orders and Austin sought to back out of the deal. 

And after Nikolas Cassadine vanished, it was discovered that Mason had been keeping him alive on life support at an unidentified location!

Who is Mason’s enigmatic boss and what does he want from Austin? Follow GH to learn more.

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