Is Ned leaving General Hospital? What Happened to Ned on GH?

There have been some fans’ speculations that Ned Quartermaine’s character coming to an end. A lot of speculations regarding the final touches to Ned’s story are being made. We are here to uncover if Ned is going to bid farewell.

Who is Ned on General Hospital?

A few entertainers have played Ned Quartermaine on the ABC drama General Hospital, however, Wally Kurth stands apart as the most remarkable.

Notwithstanding being here and there beginning around 1991, Ned Quartermaine is as yet a significant character and a popular one. Larry Ashton and Tracy Quartermaine, two British aristocracy, are the parents of Ned.

He manages the privately owned firm ELQ in Quartermaine and responds to unexpected family situations, earning him the title of “Guard” in the process. Ned and his cousin AJ Quartermaine have also been at odds for a very long time.

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Fans of General Hospital who have been watching the show regularly are aware that Ned and Olivia just renewed their marriage vows. They were prepared to terminate it after Ned’s “slip” with Alexis.


They were prepared to end all of their problems after Ned’s “slip” with Alexis. However, according to the most current spoiler, it is the primary goodbye. Ned is getting ready to say a very difficult farewell to a very important woman in his life. There is only Tracy, his mother, present.

Is Ned leaving General Hospital?

Tracy just moved back to Port Charles, which is known to General Hospital fans. She arrived carrying new information on the death of her better half, Luke. Since all has been said and done, it looks like Tracy will go at this time.

Is Ned leaving General Hospital? What Happened to Ned on GH?
Is Ned leaving General Hospital? What Happened to Ned on GH?

This will be a very challenging farewell. Once more, the entertainer informed the distributor that Ned and Tracy’s characters are saying goodbye to one another.

What happened to Ned recently that caused the stir?

When Ned Quartermaine slipped and fell into the pool, he was on his way to snitch on Nina Reeves. Drew saved Ned’s life, however, presently Tracy is guaranteeing he went after Ned and nearly killed him.

Naturally, Drew will insist that was not the case in Friday’s episode of GH, but Josh Swickard’s Harrison Chase will appear suspicious. Drew will wonder if Chase really will arrest him for assault when he just played the hero for Ned instead.

Why is Ned supposed to be leaving GH?

Enthusiasts of drama who have been here for quite a while would know that Kurth and Elliot go way back. On Days of Our Lives, Kurth and Elliot were sweethearts. Kurth took over for Kurt McKinney as Ned in 1991.

Kurth claims that whenever they say their final goodbyes to one another, they become sad at each other’s departure because they have both offered their final farewells once more. Since they don’t have the foggiest idea when they will see each other in the future, he depicts it as an extremely impressive and significant goodbye. Indeed, this is a sad farewell.


There has been no official confirmation either by the actor or the makers of Gh, probably it is just a rumor. Considering that he keeps on showing up on Days of Our Lives, it is assumed that Kurth’s long job on GH won’t change.

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