GH Spoilers: What happened to Epiphany in General Hospital? Will there be an episode dedicated to her?

Epiphany Johnson was the mother of the late Stan Johnson, a mob employee of the late Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos.

Since the character’s introduction on March 3, 2006, Sonya Eddy has played the role. It was initially a one-day position. 

Epiphany was found to have type II diabetes in 2016, it was reported. Because Bobbie has the same issue, no one was aware until she confided in her. 

On January 11, 2023, it was announced that a special Epiphany episode would air in March of that year. There was a quick tribute to Sonya Eddy at the conclusion of that day’s broadcast.


After Audrey Hardy leaves, Epiphany Johnson joins General Hospital in 2006 as the new Head Nurse. Although Epiphany was on contract for a short term, she has largely been a supporting role, but more is now known about her as time goes on. Epiphany Johnson, a no-nonsense nurse, is a force to be reckoned with.

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Epiphany is a strong, full-figured woman who doesn’t hold back when she speaks her views. She is a devoted nurse who won’t put up with anyone offering anything less than their all. When she feels that a doctor or nurse is acting less than professionally, she will speak out.

Epiphany Overhears

In 2008, she is talking to him on the phone during one of his business trips to Florida, and her worst nightmare comes true.

Epiphany overhears Jerry Jacks ordering a mob hit that kills her son over the phone. Epiphany had a severe heart attack in February 2008 and passed out in the hospital locker room. 

GH Spoilers: What happened to Epiphany in General Hospital? Will there be an episode dedicated to her?
What happened to Epiphany in General Hospital?

The nursing exam was given in March 2013, and Epiphany informs Felix Dubois, a student nurse, that Sabrina Santiago, a fellow student nurse, received a perfect score and that there is proof that she cheated.

Patrick gets ready for surgery

Epiphany assists Patrick Drake with getting ready for surgery and advises him to identify his feelings for Sabrina as soon as possible. Sabina Santiago and Felix DuBois are present during the graduation ceremony, which is presided over by Epiphany.

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She performs at the Nurses’ Ball’s 2013 opening number. As “Dr.” Kelly Curtis, a reporter for the Access Port Charles, questions Nikolas about the Cassadine/Spencer scenario, she can be seen pushing her out of the room. Milo and Epiphany finally began dating.

Epiphany Dating

Marshall and Epiphany start dating in 2022. Marshall Ashford passes out on January 18, 2022, at the PC Grill while out with Epiphany Johnson.

GH Spoilers: What happened to Epiphany in General Hospital? Will there be an episode dedicated to her?
Epiphany on General Hospital

She is rushed to the hospital, where Hamilton Finn had requested a cardiac care team in advance.

Wrap Up

Later, Epiphany visits Dr. Rose to discuss Marshall, one of his patients. She is aware that he is unable to discuss the case with her, he claims. Epiphany acknowledges this but adds that she observed how quickly he assessed it to be a straightforward prescription issue. Rose said he had faith in his prognosis.

Epiphany completed her MCAT exams and is in the West looking at medical schools, Marshall informs Trina Robinson on February 7, 2023. He hopes she isn’t moving even if he isn’t sure whether she is.

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