General Hospital Spoilers Next Week: Carly’s Pressure on Diane, Elizabeth’s Support for Hamilton, and Deception Drama

General Hospital (GH), which airs from August 28 to September 1, is about to take you by surprise with a week of suspenseful turns. Tensions and uncertainties grow as Carly attempts to exert her influence over Diane.

Hamilton, who is dealing with Gregory’s heartbreaking ALS diagnosis, receives support from Elizabeth as the emotional rollercoaster keeps going.

While Gladys engages in a risky game of manipulation, Alexis turns to Spencer for guidance. Sonny and Cyrus’ argument grows more heated, and Nina’s happiness is overshadowed by an impending secret.

Setting the stage for a pivotal move is Olivia’s attempt to jog Ned’s memory. Prepare for a week of unforgettable GH drama.

Carly’s Influence and Diane’s Dilemma

According to General Hospital Spoilers for the week of August 28–September 1, Carly Spencer will exert some pressure on Diane. We will see if this is because of a legal issue or perhaps because of Diane’s romance with Robert.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week: Carly's Pressure on Diane, Elizabeth's Support for Hamilton, and Deception Drama
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week

Elizabeth will offer Hamilton comfort as he adjusts to the reality of Gregory’s ALS diagnosis. It will be helpful for Finn to have Liz as a support system because it will be difficult to inform Harrison of this devastating development.

Chase’s Risky Proposal and Deception Drama

As soon as Chase learns more about Gregory’s condition and the short amount of time it gives him, he might be motivated to take a risk with Brook.

Chase might make a proposal to Brook Lynn because he will deliver a proposition to someone and deliver a persuasive speech.

Chase might be hoping that he can persuade Brook Lynn to move up the date of their wedding so that Gregory can attend and defend him on his special day.

However, because Tracy is about to spark a firestorm of controversy, Brook Lynn will also become embroiled in some Deception mayhem. You can bet that once Tracy starts causing trouble at work, Brook Lynn will be upset with her.

Regarding Lucy, he will insist that Martin tell her the entire truth regarding his alimony payments and all of his Deception-related secrets.

As a result, Lucy will become confused, which could lead to Martin making some shocking confessions once he is forced to retreat.

Alexis Seeks Guidance from Spencer

He will discuss a problem with Alexis and Spencer in order to receive some guidance. Spencer’s frustration at being unable to overcome Cassadine’s reputation, as well as Portia’s attempts to sabotage their relationship with Trina, may be involved.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week

The same thing will happen to Selina, who will experience a setback that makes her frustrated. Selina’s attempts to take possession of The Savoy may be among the schemes that are foiled.

Gladys’ Manipulative Maneuvers

Gladys, according to other GH spoilers, will find herself in a difficult situation and will attempt to solve it by manipulating others.

That will result in Gladys attempting to play Nina, which might not be successful given that Nina is about to obtain some stunning intelligence. Will Nina find herself in a position to help Sasha as a result?

Nevertheless, if Dante tries to pay Sasha a visit and is refused entry, he may become more and more suspicious of what is going on behind closed doors.

This could involve Cody making another attempt to get himself committed to Ferncliff in the interim since he will make quite the spectacle. Cody will want to aid Sasha if he can get near her in a position where he can.

Cyrus will make Drew uncomfortable in Pentonville with his inquiries. Drew will face more difficulties than anticipated as a result of Cyrus’s apparent attachment to him as a forced ally.

Nina’s Grandparent Time with Wiley and Secret Looming

He will discuss tactics with Brick and Sonny as they work to gain the upper hand. Once Sonny learns the truth about the boss of Austin and Mason, another Sonny vs. Cyrus confrontation is in the works.

She will spend some special grandparent time with Wiley once she is back with Nina.

The experience will be wonderful for Nina, but she will have to be concerned about her SEC snitch secret and the possibility that it will ruin her life. Over Nina’s joy, that will continue to loom like a menacing cloud.

Olivia’s Strategy for Ned’s Memories

Regarding Olivia, she will try a fresh strategy to jog Ned’s memory. Will “Eddie Maine” have any memories come back to him, or will Olivia’s efforts fail?

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