General Hospital Spoilers August 22: Alexis Confronts Inner Demons, Liz and Austin Team, and Gregory’s Secrets Unveiled

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital airing on Tuesday, August 22, an array of captivating storylines unfolds.

Finn and Alexis find common ground as they confront their demons together. Liz and Austin’s teamwork brings a sense of excitement, while secrets surrounding Gregory’s health begin to unravel.

Dante’s unfiltered conversation with Anna leads to potential revelations, and Carly seizes the opportunity to visit someone dear to her heart. Meanwhile, star Chad Duell’s journey takes center stage, showcasing his dedication and resilience.

Finn and Alexis Confront Demons Together

When Liz and Austin collaborate on a patient, those who still miss Liz and Franco might experience a small amount of excitement.

There are a few General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on August 22 that might give viewers a hint about Jake’s upcoming appearance.

It turns out that Austin and Liz will care for a patient, and it appears likely that Jake will be that patient. Jake might sustain a sports-related injury or become hurt while having fun with his friends or even Aiden.

Although Jake is a decent kid, teenage boys occasionally exhibit a bit too much recklessness and rambunctious behavior.

As a result, Elizabeth may treat Jake along with Austin once he arrives at GH. This could result in Jake suffering from a sprain or broken bone.

Of course, it is also conceivable that Jake has a more serious medical condition, or at the very least, a puzzling one that Liz needs assistance figuring out.

If there are any questions regarding the precise nature of Jake’s condition, that may be where Austin enters the picture. But at this point, it does not seem likely that Liz will experience any major surprises from the writers.

Gregory’s Health Secrets Unveiled

Elizabeth will need to be there for Hamilton when Gregory is identified as having ALS. It is possible that, like Gregory, we will discover a little more information about his condition today.

Gregory also has to deal with a medical issue, so soon enough his doctor will give him some information that is probably not pleasant to hear.

Dante’s Unfiltered Truth to Anna

Regardless of whether Anna wants to hear it, Dante will tell her the truth. General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Anna will come under suspicion following a significant revelation that takes her by surprise.

General Hospital Spoilers August 22
General Hospital Spoilers August 22

That might make Anna even more concerned about Valentin’s secrets, particularly after Dante accuses him of lying about his most recent trip to ELQ.

Carly’s Visit to Pentonville

With visitors allowed at Pentonville, Carly seizes the chance to see her incarcerated loved one, setting the stage for an emotional reunion and potential developments in Carly’s storyline.

Chad Duell’s Personal Journey Takes Center Stage

Chad Duell is about to experience the most significant moment of his life! Before the stork even makes an appearance, General Hospital’s leading man Chad Duell has been intensifying his efforts.

The statement “Counting down the days at 38 weeks pregnant, and I am seriously amazed by how awesome my partner is,” was made by Luana Lucci on August 18 on Instagram.

Ever since we started this pregnancy journey, he has been the rock-solid foundation that has kept us afloat. He has successfully navigated every difficulty, including arranging for painters and movers, paying bills, and fully owning those unforeseen plumbing issues.

Later, Lucci referred to the Emmy winner as the most moral Mr. Rights. She insisted that he had been a strong source of inspiration for her aspirations.

She remarked that “his strength and commitment go beyond us becoming parents.” He has given me unwavering support as I continue my education and has inspired me to start my own business.

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