General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Sonny’s Risky Move, Selina’s Failed Plan, and Anna’s Suspicion

The next two weeks of gripping storylines for General Hospital (GH) are about to be revealed, so get ready for an exhilarating ride.

The upcoming episodes promise intense drama and unexpected turns thanks to Sonny’s risky move and Anna’s dubious investigations.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of General Hospital, where secrets are revealed, relationships are put to the test, and the improbable becomes a reality.

Sonny’s Risky Move: Drew’s Life in Jeopardy

According to General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from August 21 to September 1, Sonny will ensure that Carly has the opportunity to see Drew by removing him early from solitary confinement.

That action could put Drew’s life in danger during the week of August 21–25 because there will be a threat that increases once he resumes speaking with the other inmates.

Throughout this, Anna will be wary and dig around in Valentin’s briefcase to find the Pikeman documents Martin brought.

As a result, Valentin will return earlier than expected, and when he sees how strange Anna is acting, he will be equally suspicious of her.

Lucy’s Ultimatum: Martin’s Confession

Martin will be forced to come clean about everything he is been holding back during the week of August 28–September 1 by Lucy, who will have put him in a tight spot.

Lucy will want to know the whole story, and Martin is indeed keeping secret details about The Decepter and the alimony he has been receiving.

Jackson Montgomery, who was portrayed by Walt Willey in the first movie, will also be making a comeback, so it will be interesting to see how he fits into Lucy and Martin’s story this time around.

By the time this is all over, the company’s finances may have completely collapsed due to Tracy’s Deception-related revelations, which will cause complete mayhem.

Nina’s Investigation Deepens: Gladys’ Connection

When it comes to Nina and Sonny, he will be put on the spot. Given that Nina can sense that Sonny’s secret with Ava may be dangerous, she may once again press for explanations.

The shocking information Nina will learn next will probably have a connection to Gladys, who will ostensibly try to manipulate Nina but fail.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

Nina will have some amazing information to discover, and hopefully, she will start to understand why Gladys treated Sasha so horribly and how she is connected to the cunning Dr. Damon.

Nina will be grateful to Willow for this time spent spending quality time with her grandson because she will later have the opportunity to hang out with him.

Sonny and Brick, meanwhile, will think things over and develop a different plan. That might entail finding a way to name the boss of Betty, Austin, and Mason.

Dante’s Struggle: Sasha’s Isolation

Dante will attempt to see Sasha at Ferncliff, but he will probably encounter some difficulties. Dante could be worried about what is going on given Gladys and Dr. Montague’s efforts to keep Sasha so alone.

Cody might continue to pursue his goal of getting committed to Ferncliff in other places. Cody may fulfill his wish if we see him perform some sort of absurd act.

Olivia’s Attempt to Trigger Memories: Ned’s Recovery

Even though Olivia will understand “Eddie Maine,” aka Ned, better and enjoy getting to know him, she will not be able to stop missing her actual husband.

Because of this, Olivia will devise a plan to attempt to trigger some memories for Ned. Follow along to find out whether she is successful or fails miserably.

Brook Lynn’s Surprising Proposition: Chase’s Decision

It appears Brook Lynn will be the recipient of it because Harrison will have a suggestion for someone to think about across town.

Chase will make an effort to convince Brook Lynn of the merits of his plan despite her reservations. There is a chance the answer to this will involve some aspect of Deception, but it could also just be as simple as proposing.

We will have to wait and see how things turn out, but Chase might decide to take advantage of the opportunity with Brook Lynn to propose after hearing the sad news of Gregory’s illness.

The next two weeks will be jam-packed with action, according to General Hospital spoilers, so pay attention!

Mini Spoilers

Stella will provide Curtis with some much-needed direction at his rehab facility, and she might advise him to stop pushing Portia away.

Since he will confide in Alexis and seek her counsel, Spencer will also find a valuable confidante. Selina will stop her plan in its tracks.

Given Marshall’s steadfast commitment to preserving it, Selina might try to take possession of The Savoy but fail.

Dex’s change in attitude at the Metro Court pool will be noticed by Josslyn as well. It appears that Dex will temporarily vent his rage on Joss before offering his regrets because he will be worried that he has been discovered during his surveillance mission.

For a few fresh scenes involving Elizabeth and Austin, Hudson West will also reprise his role as Jake Webber. Given that Liz and Austin are reportedly going to care for a patient on GH, Jake may sustain an injury and require medical attention.

Gregory will also have a consultation with Dr. Bronson, which will bring up some difficult information about the course of his ALS. As they eventually make their way to an AA meeting together, Hamilton will thank Alexis for being there for Gregory.

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