Is Walt Willey returning to General Hospital? Everything you need to know

There was a lot of public support for Walt’s character. After he left, people appreciated him greatly and kept him in their memories. He is reportedly returning now, it has been heard. His fans would be overjoyed to learn this if it were true. Let’s go through the news.

Walt Willey: Who is he?

Walt Willey played a character in the General Hospital of Jackson Montgomery. In Pine Valley, he played a former district attorney and lawyer. Jackson was Erica Kane’s long-term boyfriend and ex-husband in Susan Lucci’s novel.

He was also married to Laurel Banning, and he is the adoptive father of Lily, a child of their union, as well as Reggie Porter, a teenager. Jackson and Mary Greenlee had a child together, named Greenlee Smythe.

Is Walt Willey returning to General Hospital?

Yes, Walt Willey is returning to General Hospital. On Wednesday, July 12, Walt Willey triumphantly made his comeback on General Hospital in a twist that saw Lucy and Felicia traveling to Pine Valley rather than the legal eagle visiting Port Charles. Fortunately, this merely means that Walt Willey will be appearing more, even though the ladies didn’t quite get what they wanted.

With one final tweet, Willey expressed his gratitude and promised more would follow, writing, “I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – soap fans are the greatest fans of all! I greatly appreciate it. General Hospital on July 17 and 18, we’ll see you then.

Meet, Jackson Montgomery

He will romance Erica Kane and will let some hussy from upstate New York win her man over! No information has been provided regarding the length of Willey’s stay in Port Charles or his motivations.

The first thing we speculated about was a potential connection to Anna. While Anna was temporarily residing in Pine Valley, Jackson, and Anna shared some private moments. It might have nothing to do with anything, but it would be a simple way to explain his presence.

Is Walt Willey returning to General Hospital
Is Walt Willey returning to General Hospital?

But it remains to be seen whether Willey will cross paths with fellow All My Children alums James Patrick Stuart, Cameron Mathison, and Michael E. Knight.

How bizarre will it be when Martin, Drew, and Valentin are revealed to be Tad, Ryan, and Will, respectively? This summer, General Hospital will be the only way we can find out.

As soon as the fans heard, they wished he would stay at General Hospital and possibly transfer Jackson to Port Charles. Everything from putting him with Alexis to hoping Willey would run into Anna played by Finola Hughes was on the table.

Fans eagerly anticipate his comeback

People have always loved Walt’s character. Now that the news of his return has been confirmed officially, the fans are also congratulating him. People have commented on Instagram telling him how happy his fans are.

By the way, he has also expressed his happiness and has said that he has also got a lot of love from this show and he is also very happy that he is coming back.

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Walt Willey – FAQs

On General Hospital, who plays the role of Jackson Montgomery?

It is none other than Walt Willey who is portraying the role. He created the part in 1987 and stayed on All My Children until its discontinuation in 2011.

Is Johnson Montgomery returning to the General Hospital?

Yes, it has officially been announced that he is going to return to the show. Walt Willey resumed his position on General Hospital in a twist that saw Lucy and Felicia travelling to Pine Valley instead of the legal eagle visiting Port Charles. This marked the triumphant return of the All My Children mainstay.

Why did Jackson quit working at General Hospital?

Jonathan Jackson, Emmy winner, to leave ABC’s General Hospital on December 19 due to physical and emotional exhaustion. His character, Lucky Spencer, has been struggling with tragedy, including the death of Jake, Luke, and Siobhan, leading to his descent into drugs and hallucinogenic madness.

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