General Hospital Spoilers April 20 2023: Baby Ace Kidnapped, Dante Discovers Sam and Cody’s Secret

Fans of General Hospital have been on the edge of their seats with the recent turn of events. In the latest General Hospital spoilers for April 20, 2023, reveals that Victor has kidnapped baby Ace and is now on the run with him on a ship to another country.

Esme, Ace’s mother, is beside herself with worry as her young son was already suffering from abdominal pain before he was taken away by Victor’s men. With no doctor present during Victor’s escape, Esme is concerned about Ace’s health and turns to Austin for advice. Can Austin reassure Esme that her son is safe?

Meanwhile, Dante is in for a shock when he visits Sam’s house and discovers Sam and Cody kissing. Dante and Cody are best friends, and Dante had no idea that Sam and Cody were secretly dating. Dante is disappointed in Sam for betraying his feelings, especially since he’s been very busy with his police work lately.

Sam has done nothing to encourage or comfort him, and now Dante must confront the reality of their situation. It seems that Sam and Dante will part ways, much to the regret of many fans who have come to love this perfect couple.

General Hospital Spoilers April 20 2023 Baby Ace Kidnapped, Dante Discovers Sam and Cody's Secret
General Hospital Spoilers April 20 2023: Baby Ace Kidnapped, Dante Discovers Sam and Cody’s Secret

As for Victor, he encounters many difficulties during his escape. He has no idea what his next move should be, and he has lost a minion who he had once used to intimidate Holly. Victor wants Holly to follow his orders, and to this end, he had once held Holly’s son Ethan hostage.

However, Ethan has been rescued, and Victor no longer has any weapons to use against Holly. He is currently floating on the haunted star, and he seems to be unable to deal with this situation. Victor may continue to flee, but will everything go smoothly with so many people after him?

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The kidnapping of baby Ace has left fans wondering about his fate. Will Victor harm the child? Will Esme be able to find her son before it’s too late? And what will happen to Victor if he’s caught? These questions will undoubtedly keep fans on the edge of their seats as they wait for the next episode.

Overall, the latest General Hospital spoilers have left fans with a lot to think about. Will Esme find her son? Will Sam and Dante get back together? What will happen to Victor?

Only time will tell, but fans of General Hospital are eagerly anticipating the next episode to find out what happens next.

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