General Hospital Spoilers June 14 2023: Spencer’s suspense gift and Nina’s nervousness

There will likely be a lot of brand-new issues on General Hospital in the episode airing on Wednesday, June 14. There will be more battles and turmoil, and the worry that Ned will not wake up will continue to grow.

General Hospital spoilers and updates for the episode of Wednesday, June 14 suggest that Spencer hands over a present. Nina is worried, well,  should be anxious, after all.

Sonny grills Glady while Drew offers a proposition. Will he accept responsibility for Karly? Ava recognizes the chance. Read the entire piece to find out how it will all turn out. 

Spencer’s Suspense Gift

Spencer hands over a present. Is this a present for Curtis, the birthday boy, or Trina, his girlfriend? Spencer, played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez, is eager to discover what is within the mysterious safe deposit box that his uncle Victor, portrayed by Charles Shaughnessy, left for him before passing away.

General Hospital Spoilers June 14 2023: Spencer’s suspense gift and Nina’s nervousness
General Hospital Spoilers June 14 2023: Spencer’s suspense gift and Nina’s nervousness

He skips cooling off in the pool and instead goes to the bank with his girlfriend Trina, who is portrayed by Tabyana Ali. But what they discovered inside the box was completely unexpected. Perhaps this is connected to Spencer’s enigma gift? Or could it be completely different?

Nina is scared

Fans of General Hospital will undoubtedly witness Nina struggle to accept the repercussions of her choices as she clings to the idea of a happy future with Sonny.

The possibility of Ned losing his memory might cause enough confusion to present her with that chance. Even though Sonny will eventually learn that Nina anonymously reported Carly and Drew to the SEC, there is still hope for Nina if Ned loses his memory. This was stated in the weekly spoilers we provided you. Nina will be visibly nervous in the June 14th episode.

Although Nina can not continue to get away with it, there might be some detours that delay the inevitable!

Sonny thinks something is not right with Glady

In the last episodes, we saw Valentin has been attempting to persuade Sonny that the Pikeman transaction is going smoothly. General Hospital spoilers for June 14th, 2023 have it that Sonny is now concerned for Glady.

She probes Gladym, He senses that his cousin’s situation is not ideal in some way. He is determined to figure out what is wrong with his cousin because he feels something is awry.

Ava has a chance

Even the residents of Port Charles, who are constantly occupied, require an occasional day off, and today appears to be one of those days.

This presents Ava with a chance. Now that we are aware of Mason and Ava’s arrangement, fewer characters in General Hospital let others carry out their dirty work. Ava notices a chance. She can now clean Mason’s wicked acts.

Will Drew save Carly?

Drew has a lot to say to Carly, who is portrayed by Laura Wright, about the SEC scandal and their scheme to persuade Ned, who is portrayed by Wally Kurth, that he lied about insider trading.

Since the SEC can easily launch their investigation and discover that they are truly engaged in criminal activity, it will not be so simple. Even if it is untrue, Drew and Carly are certain that Ned is the tip-off. When Carly learns that Ned is now in a coma and that Tracy had accused Drew of shoving Ned into the pool, she is horrified. Now that it appears their plan will not be carried out, what will the two do?

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