General Hospital Spoilers March 27-31: Spencer Strikes a Deal with Victor and Sonny Faces Another Attack?

General Hospital fans, get ready for a week full of drama, suspense, and surprises! As we gear up for the week of March 27-31, 2023, we bring you the latest General Hospital spoilers that will leave you at the edge of your seats.

From custody battles to shocking news, and a possible attack on Sonny, this week’s episodes promise to be gripping and intense. So, let’s dive in and find out what’s in store for our favorite Port Charles residents.

Spencer and Esme Clash over Ace’s Custody

The week begins with a continuation of the custody battle between Spencer and Esme over Ace. Trina tries to intervene, but her efforts go in vain as their conflict intensifies.

Spencer turns to Victor for help, but this decision leaves him worried about Esme’s safety. Victor is known to take extreme measures to eliminate anyone who crosses the Cassadines, and viewers can’t wait to see how this storyline unfolds.

Anna and Valentin Continue to Plot Against Victor

Meanwhile, Anna and Valentin are working together to take down Victor. Drew has some updates for them, and their plan seems to be in full swing.

General Hospital Spoilers March 27-31
General Hospital Spoilers March 27-31

They are determined to succeed and won’t stop at anything. To what extent will they pursue their objective? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Dex Makes a Horrific Discovery

Dex has a conversation with Josslyn and updates her about his recent move. However, things take a turn for the worse when he makes a shocking discovery.

Spoilers suggest that he might find Sonny in a critical position, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Sonny survive this attack? We’ll have to wait and watch.

Liz Faces a Shocker

Elizabeth receives some shocking news, and it might be related to Epiphany’s death. Sonya Eddy’s character is set to bid farewell to the show, and the episode around her departure promises to be an emotional one. Fans are already preparing themselves for this heart-wrenching moment.

Ava Crosses Paths with Someone, Leaving Her Rattled

Finally, Ava encounters someone, leaving her shaken. She has a conversation with Austin, and it might be about Mason, who knows about her crime.

As the Pikeman shipment approaches, chaos is set to erupt in Port Charles, and fans can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.

Closing Words

As we’ve seen, the upcoming week promises to be an exciting one for General Hospital fans. From Spencer’s deal with Victor to Anna and Valentin’s plot against him, Dex’s discovery, Liz’s shocker, and Ava’s encounter, there’s so much to look forward to.

So, don’t forget to tune in to ABC every weekday to catch General Hospital and keep up with the drama. Don’t miss a single moment!

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