General Hospital Spoilers February 7, 2023: Ava Jerome receives an unwanted visit

General Hospital spoilers and news for Tuesday, February 7 hint at unfavorable developments, candid conversations, and unwanted visitors!

Ava Jerome receives an unwanted visit, Curtis Ashford receives unpleasant news, and Jordan Ashford has a candid conversation.

A Friend Gets In Touch

Drew Cain approaches Elizabeth Baldwin during the Savoy engagement party for Curtis and Portia Robinson. When Drew asks Elizabeth whether he is aware of her support, it appears that they are discussing Cameron Webber. Elizabeth asks what if she can’t be as she turns her head away in discomfort.

Before Drew realized he wasn’t Jason Morgan and went by the name “Jake Doe,” they had been dating for a number of months. Drew would naturally be worried about Cameron because he had grown to be like a father to her three sons.

A Candid Conversation

Jordan appears uneasy when she and Marcus Taggert have a candid conversation at Kelly’s. Inadvertently unaware that she is also sheltering Curtis, Taggert questions her about why she feels the need to shield him.

It would be devastating if Curtis Robinson turned out to be Trina Robinson’s biological father, as Jordan and Stella Henry suspect. It doesn’t take a geneticist to understand that notion given the evidence that seems to be pointing in that direction.

Terrible News

When Curtis tells his fiancée Portia Robinson that there has been a small hiccup, he breaks some terrible news to her back at The Savoy. 

Stella may have changed her mind about officiating their wedding, in which case they’ll need to locate a replacement. A bride-to-be might have a panic attack given that their wedding is just a few days away, but they will be able to find someone.

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Portia ought to be more concerned about the disclosure of her paternity secret of twenty or so years. And more so considering that she flatly refuted Curtis’ claim that he was Trina’s biological father when they first got back in touch.

Suspected Plan Doubted

Valentin Cassadine, Anna Devane, Lucy Coe, and others are hiding out at a safe house. Valentin is worried about a scheme. Valentin is hearing from Felicia Scorpio about a scheme to bring down Victor Cassadine, his father, but Valentin claims the scheme will never succeed against him. 

General Hospital Spoilers February 7, 2023: Ava Jerome receives an unwanted visit
General Hospital Spoilers February 7, 2023: Ava Jerome receives an unwanted visit

In order to get a new strategy to work, Valentin had the idea to pretend dead alongside Lucy and Anna. It was widely reported that they perished in the catacomb explosion under Paris, which was also flooded by water main breaks.

The Patriarchy 

It sounds like Victor and Spencer Cassadine are working together on something when they are conversing in another scene. Victor informs Spencer with a smile that he knew Spencer had put his trust in the right person. 

Is Victor aware of Spencer’s plan to contest his brother’s custody, or are they discussing something else entirely?

This ought to turn out to be fascinating. Maybe there is a plot against Nikolas Cassadine that Ava Jerome, Victor, and Spencer are all involved in.

Laura Collins Checks In

In the meantime, Felicia or another person from the safe house may be on the phone with Laura Collins at Kelly’s. Mission achieved, she says with a smile and a look of satisfaction. 

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That’s a sharp contrast to the way she acted when she was attempting to mediate between Nikolas and Spencer and wishing she had remained on Cassadine Island to raise her older son. She wouldn’t be as happy if she knew what was happening at Wyndemere, though.

An Unwanted Visit

Ava is lying on the ground at Wyndemere alongside Nikolas, whom she just knocked out with a statuette. Avery Jerome-mother Corinthos is examining his head wound and maybe his pulse because she was attempting to stop him from taking her daughter. After appearing to be making up with her, Nikolas abruptly turned on her and started threatening her.

She looks up startled as Austin Gatlin-Holt, who had followed his cousin Mason Gatlin, enters the room. Austin will help Mason, but it’s a legitimate question to ask who gets there first: Mason or Austin.

Stay tuned for more such gossip.

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