Life Of Anna Devane In General Hospital

In the daytime soap opera General Hospital, Anna Devane is a fictitious character. Her twin, Dr. Alex Devane, is identical. Since the character’s debut on April 10, 1985, Finola Hughes, a British actress, has played the part of Anna.

A Glimpse Of Anna’s Intro

Anna Scorpio was a character that Hughes portrayed on General Hospital from 1985 to 2003. In 1995, she made a brief comeback to the show as Anna’s ghost to console Robin Scorpio, who was grieving the death of her partner from an AIDS-related illness and was HIV-positive at the time.

Nancy Hughes’ return to General Hospital as a guest star was announced in March 2008. She made her debut on April 25, 2008, and her return engagement ended on May 7, 2008. Hughes resigned from GH on February 13, 2012, under a new contract.

According to a report from August 28, 2019, Holly Hughes will return to General Hospital as Anna sometime in November. The show’s closing credits state that she has a new contract and that her debut on-screen airdate was on November 11, 2019.

Life Of Anna In General Hospital

She was reported missing in 1992 and eventually turned up in Pine Valley, California. Anna had a daughter with former gangster Duke Lavery while working as a spy for the DVX and then the W.S.B.

Anna Returns

Robin Scorpio-Drake was born in Port Charles in 2005, and Anna returned there to attend the birth. Following trips in 2006, 2007, and 2008, she made a permanent return in 2012 following the “death” of her daughter. They were reunited after it was subsequently discovered that Robin was still alive.

At the 2020 Nurses’ Ball on August 19, Maxie unintentionally makes her pregnancy known to everyone. When Mac and Anna arrive, they tell the soon-to-be grandparents the actual news. Alex Devane was identified as Peter’s biological mother in 2020.

Anna & Robert

Holly Sutton became friends with Anna Devane when she first moved to Port Charles in 1985. Anna snooped around Robert’s communication area and stole information regarding Holly’s history.

anna on general hospital
Life Of Anna Devane In General Hospital

Holly was furious and left Robert and Port Charles after learning that Anna had once been Robert’s wife. Later, Sean learned that Grant Andrews had taken the loot. His helper Mr. Yang, who later revealed himself to be Robert in disguise, had duped Sean.

Anna & Robin

Burt Ramsey and Anna were appointed as Port Charles’ co-police chiefs. Duke Lavery wished to leave a complex money-laundering enterprise run by “Mr. Big.” Later, Robin and the Ancient One were taken hostage, but Anna and Robert managed to save them. Anna believed Duke was involved in their disappearance.

Duke begs Anna to believe in him, but mobster Mr. Big forces Duke to wed Anna. Burt Ramsey was shot, and Duke eventually broke out of jail and murdered him.

Anna & Duke

In 1987, Duke and Anna got hitched. Evan Jerome’s brother was murdered, and Duke had aided in the cover-up. When Olivia Jerome, Duke’s daughter, was born, Anna later found out she was pregnant with the kid. However, their blissful family would soon come to an end.

Anna’s marriage in Port Charles fell apart after Duke gave testimony against the mob. Duke joined the Witness Protection Program after pretending to die in an explosion.

Later, “Duke” made a comeback to Port Charles under the guise of Jonathan Paget. Before he could be joined by Anna, Julian Jerome assassinated him.

Anna, Robert & Robin

Robin sent parents fake Valentines in an effort to play matchmaker. In Lila Quartermaine’s garden, Robert proposed to Anna, and thereafter the two were wed there. Nanny McTavish, Faison’s mother, abducted Robin, but she was found out and assisted Robert in recovering Faison.

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