General Hospital Spoilers February 6-10, 2023: Nikolas confronts Ava and warns her

According to “General Hospital” teasers for the week of February 6–10, 2023, Laura will beg Spencer for help. She will thus ask him to refrain from giving the tape to the police.

Nikolas will learn more about the video, though, and will then visit Ava to warn her. She’ll ask Liesl to speak to Willow on Nina’s behalf after she’s finished with her.

She’ll offer Willow a sacrifice for peace to mend their relationship. The half-heart necklace Nina is wearing serves as this offering. 

Will she be receptive to her gift? To find out what will happen in GH next week, keep reading.

Nina is in need of Help

Sonny will become frustrated with Michael for having so many issues without sharing them with him. He will become more aware of how their relationship has been irreparably damaged the more they feel apart.

According to General Hospital teasers, Nina will experience the same problem. It appears that Nina will want Liesl to assist her. She would like to meet her once to settle matters now that Willow has given birth and is doing well.

General Hospital
General Hospital Spoilers February 6-10: Sonny will become frustrated with Michael

Liesl will be willing to do it for Nina even though she may not want to meddle in other people’s affairs. Liesl recently lost her daughter, so she can relate to what Nina is going through. She will choose to speak with Willow on Nina’s behalf since she believes that life is too short to harbor grudges.

Later, Nina might give Willow a pendant with a half-heart on it. We must therefore wait and see if Willow will embrace the gift as a sign of love.

Laura’s Desperate Request

Laura will then make an imploring speech to Spencer. He and Trina had viewed Nikolas’ confession video, as is known to the fans. Laura won’t want Spencer to hand over the video to the cops.

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That is definitely not what Spencer is willing to do; instead, when the time is right, he plans to blackmail him. Later, Ava will speak with Laura and pretend to reassure her while actually offering no such thing.

Confrontations from Nick

Nikolas confronts Ava and warns her. He’ll assure her that Ava will accompany him if he gets imprisoned. She was the one who took a video of him to show his allegiance.

Finn will also caution Liz to watch her steps in the meanwhile. Cops will search for her as well as Nikolas is put in jail.

Ava can talk to Austin about her issue, and he will likely listen and possibly provide her with some guidance. They’ll get closer to one another as a result of this.

Jordan Drops Hints To Marcus

Additionally, Curtis and Portia will start making final arrangements for their wedding, but it won’t be simple. Jordan will talk to Marcus, according to General Hospital spoilers.

Will she make any paternity-related hints? It appears that Jordan will want Curtis to be aware of the facts before they get married. She should not, however, reveal another person’s secret.

Scott will finally learn that Lucy is alive and that she is with Martin in a secure location. Brad will work with Selina to make a present for Britt at her memorial service. 

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