Where is Molly on General Hospital? Molly recast on GH

The long-running soap opera is known for attempting to prolong the tenure of its original core cast, and any recastings that occasionally occur are almost always the result of unavoidable circumstances.

Haley Pullos, a veteran actress who played Molly Lansing-Davis, had to be replaced at this point, forcing the showrunners to do so. It appears that fans were not overly pleased with that change, to be honest.

The actress who played Molly was replaced not long ago

American actress Haley Alexis Pullos became well-known for playing Molly Lansing-Davis in the daytime soap opera General Hospital and for playing Bella in Ashley Garcia’s The Expanding Universe.

She was born in San Jose, California, on July 10, 1998; her siblings include two brothers and two sisters.

Where is Molly on General Hospital?

General Hospital’s Pullos’ character would be temporarily recast as a result of her being involved in a car accident, it was officially announced on May 11, 2023.

In a statement, Pullos acknowledged that she had been in a car accident and assured everyone that she was fine but would need some time to recover.

What happened to Molly?

Although Molly’s parents were still married when she was born, their desire to end their marriage soon became apparent. However, until the baby was born, their legal counsel turned them down. After falling down the stairs while pursuing Sam McCall in February 2005, Alexis learned she was pregnant with Ric’s child.

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When she found out she was pregnant, she was told that since it was a high-risk pregnancy, failing to get up right away after the fall might have endangered the baby. It was therefore advised that she move cautiously and slowly. Alexis also experienced severe cramping that eventually went away.

Where is Molly on General Hospital
Where is Molly on General Hospital?

Alexis and the baby were fortunate enough to escape the March 2005 car accident without any injuries. Ric was also present. At first, Alexis thought that Ric would cheat on her so that they could divorce sooner.

However, when Alexis and Ric were stranded together at the Quartermaine mansion during a hurricane, things took an unexpected turn. During this time, the two were able to get along again, despite Alexis going through contractions and eventually having an amniotic fluid leak.

In this disturbing episode, it was revealed that Alexis called her unborn child her “bunny” and considered giving him the name Owen Lansing-Davis, which would have given him the initials O.L.D. Alexis and Ric eventually got back together, but her happiness was short-lived because she later learned that Ric had a sexual relationship with the now-deceased Reese Marshall while they were apart. Ric then moved, leaving Molly in the care of her mother, and Alexis and Ric went ahead with their divorce.

Who is The New Molly on General Hospital?

Holiday Mia Kriegel, an actress with previous credits on CBS’ Bull and TNT’s Animal Kingdom, will fill in for Pullos while she is away from the television series General Hospital in the Molly role. The week of May 22 is when Kriegel is expected to make her debut.

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Molly On General Hospital – FAQs

Has Molly been replaced on GH?

The Real-Life Reason She Was Recast As of the May 25 episode of “General Hospital,” Holiday Mia Kriegel took over the role of Molly Lansing-Davis from longtime actor Haley Pullos. 2 days ago

Are Molly and TJ a real-life couple?

On the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital, T.J. Ashford and A.D.A. Molly Lansing-Davis are fictional characters who are a well-liked married couple.

Who is Molly on GH?

In General Hospital, a fictional character named Molly Lansing-Davis appears. Her parents are lawyer Ric Lansing and lawyer Alexis Davis, who was once married to Lansing. When actress Haley Pullos assumed the role of Molly in 2009, she was 10 years old.

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