Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the week of June 26: Abe’s accusation and DiMera danger

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of June 26-30 reveal that Gabi and Stefan’s engagement is fixed. What is the looming danger for the DiMeras? We will also see Sloan going out of her way to hold on to Eric.

Whitley needs to run

The nurse will attempt to persuade Abe that Jerry is his son, Theo, and Abe will accuse. Whitley will need to act quickly because Abe will notice something is amiss and will expose Jerry as a phony.

Whitley might try to flee if Abe makes another shocking move, which could make the situation even worse for him. The good news should be coming soon, despite Eli and Rafe’s worries that Abe might have met a fatal fate.

Gabi and Stefan’s engagement party

DOOL Spoilers indicate that Megan will choose a date for Gabi and Stefan’s engagement party during the week of June 26–30. Megan will not be aware that Harris is continuing to make preparations for her kidnapping, though.

Kate will worry about Harris’ ability to pull this off, but Harris might claim he has everything under control.

Harris wants Stefan dead

Next, per Days spoilers, Li will give Dr. Wilhelm a hearty welcome at his home. Dr. Rolf will return to a lab somewhere and prepare to reprogramme Harris and make sure Stefan dies.

DiMeras in danger

Days spoilers indicate that Kristen and EJ will worry about dying while they are held captive in the future. Harris might be assigned by Megan to kill EJ and Kristen, perhaps as a test to see if his reprogramming was effective.

The plan will undoubtedly fail on DOOL, but there will still be a small amount of risk down in the DiMera secret room.

Rafe and Jada—hmm

If she caves to the pressure, Jada will be questioned by Kate about her friendship with Rafe. Kate was Jada’s best friend, so she has some good advice to share.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the week of June 26 Abe's accusation and DiMera danger
Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the week of June 26: Abe’s accusation and DiMera danger

If Kate learns Megan is still evading capture, she might believe Harris is powerless to track her down. Due to this, Kate might choose to think about being open to taking into account various options.

The birth of Chloe’s child is probably just around the corner.

Nicole will have a pregnancy-related scare once she informs Chloe about EJ’s strange disappearance. Nicole will be saved by Eric as she prays for her unborn child’s well-being.

A third-wheeler named Johnny

As for Tripp, he will probably make Wendy an offer, which could result in them going on a date. Tripp’s positive impression of Wendy and that date with Johnny may be destroyed.

Desperate Sloan

Following her encouragement for Eric to begin the pregnancy process, Sloan will come clean to Colin. Will Sloan be honest about how desperate she is to keep Eric when she tells her brother about her phony DNA test?

Same Leo same

Elsewhere, Leo will struggle to understand why Gwen is even considering Dimitri’s proposal since he’s obviously up to something.

Xander is jealous

Xander will also find out that Dimitri got engaged and might feel a little jealous, but he will talk to Chloe about moving on from past relationships.

The Future thrill

The engagement party for Stefan and Gabi will reportedly take an incredible turn, according to Days of Our Lives rumors. There will be some surprises, so someone other than Stefan might come under attack.

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