Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 28 2023: Talia Hunter reveals secrets to Chanel Dupree

Fans of the long-running soap opera DOOL are in for a treat as Tuesday’s episode promises huge drama and intrigue.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that the characters of Salem will face new career paths and challenging situations involving their exes. 

Let’s dive into the details and explore what to expect from the upcoming episode.

Eric Brady receives job assistance from Sloan Petersen

Today, we’ll see Sloan offer Eric some job assistance, given that Eric has been searching for a new career path.

Sloan had earlier proposed funding a gallery for Eric, but with the lawsuit that could have made it possibly thrown out, Sloan may have to get more creative.

However, with Eric’s passion for photography, Sloan’s suggestion could lead to an exciting new source of income for him.

Talia Hunter reveals secrets to Chanel Dupree

Talia Hunter confesses to Chanel Dupree that she went to school to be a doctor, but she walked away from the profession to pursue her passion for baking.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 28 2023 Talia Hunter reveals secrets to Chanel Dupree
Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 28 2023: Talia Hunter reveals secrets to Chanel Dupree

While this seems like the right career move for Talia, she may have some other reasons for abandoning the medical career that she’s holding back. Regardless, Chanel is supportive and seems excited to learn more about Talia’s background.

Paulina Price pushes for an arrest

Paulina Price is convinced that Sloan is responsible for trashing her office. Also, she urges Jada and Rafe Hernandez to make an arrest.

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The two detectives eventually track down Sloan for questioning, and she will go through an interrogation at the Salem PD.

Nicole lures Gabi into a trap

Nicole Walker pulls off step one of EJ DiMera’s scheme. It lures Gabi Hernandez away from Li Shin’s celebration of her successful business pitch.

Stefan DiMera also texts Gabi, instructing her to go with Nicole, which indicates that he’s aware of the plan.

Under a fake name, Nicole reserves a suite and encourages Gabi to wait there for a clandestine meeting with Stefan. However, the goal is for Gabi to cheat on Stefan and lose Li’s shares.

EJ double-crosses Stefan

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that EJ will provide the key card to the hotel room and urge Li to catch Gabi in the act.

However, later in the week, Gabi and Stefan will surprise EJ and Nicole with an unexpected development. Let us see how this twist will play out. But, it’s clear that EJ has a double-crossing plan up his sleeve.

Closing Words

Thus, Days of Our Lives fans can expect an exciting and eventful episode as the characters of Salem navigate their careers and relationships. With so much drama in store, it’s a must-watch for fans of the long-running soap opera.

Keep watching Days Of Our Lives to keep your days fresh and excited.

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