Days of Our Lives spoilers June 15 2023: Megan persuades Li, Leo knows about Gwen and Dimitri

Days of Our Lives spoilers for June 15, 2023, are the most drama and twists that have been shown in a while in DOOL. What will happen is that Megan will meet Li again. Hmm, what’s cooking between these two? Oh, and Li meets someone! EJ is in a weird place mentally. Leo knows something is up between Gwen and Dimitri.

All the favors are not just favors; the bias has a basis. These mini-plots will unfold in the episode of June 15, 2023. Keep reading to find out more. DOOL spoilers for June 15, 2023, are going to be filled with drama. Keep your popcorn ready.

Megan meets Li

Tomorrow on Days of Our Lives, Megan pays another visit to Li. She has a plan, and now that he has agreed to it, she wants to explain how they will carry it out. As they carry out their plan, Li and Stefan cross paths in the town square.

Li has returned from Hong Kong after “surviving” a trip to see his father. Just as Megan knocks on his door, he finds his divorce papers when he opens the mail. His attempt to slam the door in her face fails. But she pushes her way in to chat.

She wants to discuss the power struggle between the DiMeras with him. However, she is not there for EJ; rather, she is there for herself. Elvis, my younger brother, is a nice kid, but he is not in my league when it comes to being ruthless and cunning.

Li is then pushed about his decision to pledge his loyalty to Gabi, and she questions why he would allow the person who betrayed and used him to stop him from getting what he wants.

Nicole wants to find EJ

Nicole is on the lookout for EJ. She cannot find him, so she turns to Stefan, whom she believes knows where he is. Meanwhile, EJ is in a difficult situation as a result of his encounter with Megan.

Days of Our Lives spoilers June 15 2023 Megan persuades Li, Leo knows about Gwen and Dimitri
Days of Our Lives spoilers June 15 2023: Megan persuades Li, Leo knows about Gwen and Dimitri

Stefan suggests that they try to begin their next chapter with some degree of harmony, given their marriage and EJ’s newborn child. EJ is not intrigued, though. That escalates into a fight when “Stabi” informs EJ that they have Kristen, and EJ responds that he has Megan.

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As they argue over which sister is more unreliable, Gabi suggests that perhaps they should stop fighting and band together to take on Kristen and Megan, who are cooperating.

Leo knows about Gwen

Leo is a keen observer. Gwen may believe she is only interviewing Dimitri to gather information for the paper, but her close friend Leo Stark exposes her for her attraction to Dimitri. Harris comes to a decision.

When Kate offered him a job, he initially declined. After giving it some thought, he reconsiders and accepts Kate’s offer to get rid of Megan. Other Days spoilers reveal that Leo Stark will listen to Gwen gush about her interview with Dimitri von Leuschner, and it will not be long before he realizes his bestie has a crush on him.

Leo may warn Gwen that Dimitri is bad news and not the type of guy she wants to get involved with in a romance, especially after all the drama she endured as a result of Xander. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Dimitri will continue to court Gwen and eventually push her to the altar, so stay tuned for more information on their upcoming wedding.

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