Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 20 2023: Leo calls out Megan, Abe is remembering his past 

Days of Our Lives spoilers are here. The episode is initiating the plot to reunite true lovers, create jealousy, and much more. According to Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers, June 19–23, Leo is skeptical about Dimitri and questions Megan. Abe’s memory might be coming back.

Paulina and Abe’s Wedding Anniversary

When a flashback to his wedding day makes Abe eager for a confrontation, Whitley’s strategy might be over. It is Juneteenth, the first wedding anniversary of Abe and Paulina, which a distraught Julie notes to Doug at the Horton House.

As Eli enters, she starts to get upset. Julie rushes to his arms before rushing off to prepare a plate for him. While they are both seated, Eli tells Doug that he came to try and help Abe because he had a few days off. Doug claims that merely being present has benefited him.

Paulina needs comfort

Paulina wants to be comforted at the same time. On what was meant to be her and Abe’s special day, it is fortunate that she is surrounded by family and friends.

Abe will be thinking back to the real Paulina from Juneteenth, and he will notice that his current wife looks different, leading him to grow quite suspicious despite her attempts to provide evidence of their relationship.

Gabi and Julie– the enemies

There is an argument between Gabi and Julie across town. There is a chance that they will annoy one another. A wild war is brewing because Julie and Gabi will once more turn into ferocious rivals.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 20 2023 Leo calls out Megan, Abe is remembering his past 
Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 20 2023: Leo calls out Megan, Abe is remembering his past 

We should not be shocked when tensions between Julie and Gabi resurface because old animosities never truly go away. 

Leo and the to-be Dimitri couple

Megan gets flack from Leo for using Gwen with Dimitri. Gwen receives a love message from Dimitri. When Leo realizes that Megan and Dimitri are only using Gwen, he is prepared to stand up for his favorite female friend.

Dimitri is expressing his love to Gwen while all of this is happening, though! Is it a ruse, or could the truth be out there somewhere? While this romance is going on, Dimitri will appear to be certain that Gwen is the only woman for him even though he is actually moving at the speed of light.

Understandably skeptical of Dimitri’s alleged feelings for Gwen, Leo Stawill will conclude that this situation screams “suspicious mother Leo Stawill” from every angle. Fans of DOOL will witness a pivotal confrontation as Leo accuses Megan and presses for explanations about her goals.

Is it possible that Abigail is still alive and exists somewhere?

Richard Wharton’s character, Dr. Wilhelm Rolf, is known for working secret medical miracles, such as keeping Stefan on ice with a fake heart until a real one could be found.

That was a double survival shocker because we have seen characters bring the dead back to life, like the recently deceased Megan.

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