Days of our Lives Spoilers January 25, 2023: Paulina Price Takes on Sloan in an Epic Showdown

In the upcoming episode of Days of our Lives, fans will be in for an epic showdown between Paulina Price and legal eagle Sloan.

Paulina Reaches Her Breaking Point with Sloan

For weeks, fans have watched as Sloan has used scare tactics and a lawsuit to make Paulina’s life a living hell. 

But Paulina has reached her breaking point and will not take it anymore. She’s not going to let the likes of Sloan be the ones to sully her family name. 

Not now, Not ever.

Stephanie Comes to Paulina’s Aid

In order to take on Sloan, Paulina knows she needs someone tough in her corner whom she can trust. 

Enter Stephanie. 

Stephanie has proven herself to be a solid and reliable ally in the past, and Paulina has complete confidence that with Stephanie by her side, they can get Sloan to back down once and for all.

Sloan Focuses on Eric’s Comfort

While Paulina and Stephanie are preparing for battle, Sloan has other things on her mind. She’s more worried about Eric than she is about Paulina. 

Her lover is hurting and needs some comfort, and she is more than happy to oblige. She takes him straight into her arms and tries to soothe his broken heart. This poor man just lost his mother, after all.

Marlena Finds Familiar Company in the Afterlife

As for Marlena, she finds a slice of joy in the afterlife when she comes across a familiar face. It’s good to know she’s not alone. 

Of course, being dead isn’t ideal, but Marlena always knows how to make the best of a bad situation, so make the best of it she will.

Allie Turns to Alex for Support

Meanwhile, Allie is reeling from all the current events in her life. Her relationship is hanging by a thread, her grandma is dead, and she’s unsure how to cope. 

Thankfully, Alex is there to help his one-time-lover friend. 

Allie leans on his strong shoulder as she tries to get herself together. It’s no surprise Allie is an emotional mess right now, and she can use all the camaraderie she can get. 

Days of our Lives Spoilers January 25 2023
Days of our Lives Spoilers January 25 2023

Let’s hope her grief doesn’t have her doing something she can’t undo! Will she keep her wits about her when she is around this charmer?

Closing Thoughts!

The stage is set for an epic showdown between Paulina and Sloan, and fans will not want to miss it. 

With Stephanie by her side, Paulina is ready to take on Sloan and prove that she is a force to be reckoned with. However, with Sloan’s focus on Eric’s comfort, it’s uncertain how this battle will play out. 

Marlena’s familiar company in the afterlife and Allie’s support from Alex add more depth to the story and make it more interesting to watch. 

Tune in to see how it all unfolds on Days of our Lives

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