Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks: Sarah’s Betrayal Shakes Salem – Love Triangles and Secrets Unleashed!

Spoilers for June 12-16 and June 19-24 are here! We have to accept that there will be both a cemetery visit and an abduction within the upcoming week. Bonnie Kiriakis will experience tongue-bursting feelings if she doesn’t reveal the secret she’s concealing to someone.

On Days of Our Lives, there was a lot of love blooming in Salem, but not all was as it appeared. We won’t get the pairings the program has been putting up for us the whole week. What then is in store for us?

Recap for DAYS last week

Salem had a crazy week. By interfering with Nicole’s DNA test, Sloan made sure that Eric wasn’t the baby’s father. In the end, Chloe and Xander fell in love.

Later, Talia outsmarted Colin, who was ultimately arrested once more. Naturally, Colin was able to tell a lot of falsehoods. Rafe finally knocked on the door, but Abe remained inside and watched the “stories.”

Sloan and EJ might be the next couple!

Makers have put an end to Sloan and Eric’s romance. Sloan’s mishandling of the paternity test results has led some fans to claim that her strength in proclaiming “I don’t need a man” has been undermined, but in my opinion, it seems reasonable that she would have abandonment problems and be trying to hold onto love once she had allowed herself to discover it. Additionally, it permits her to accomplish it without adopting a virtuous persona.

The true shock at this point would be if Nicole was carrying EJ’s child and Sloan didn’t do this for nothing. So that the two of them can work together to keep their partners in the dark, maybe EJ should know about this next. Maybe Sloan and EJ get together if this leads to an “Ericole” reunion whether we want it or not. DOOL, make it happen!

A Throuple in DOOL?

Days of Our Lives is setting up Leo and Dimitri to be together, as seen by all the well-placed scene cuts between the two of them, Dimitri’s hesitation to pursue Gwen, and his remark that “I didn’t seduce women for marriage.”

Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks: Sarah's Betrayal Shakes Salem - Love Triangles and Secrets Unleashed!
Days of Our Lives Spoilers next 2 weeks: Sarah’s Betrayal Shakes Salem – Love Triangles and Secrets Unleashed!

However, once Leo said, “I’m serious about getting married, Gwen,”. Are they pushing us closer to a throuple of some sort?  Additionally, like any trio, we can tell that things would remain complicated since they wouldn’t all be deeply in love with one another.

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It would be interesting to see whether it is wise to venture into new tale terrain with three “villains” or if they would be shooting themselves in the foot. 

Bony Betrays Sarah

Sarah recently acknowledged that Xander Cook was the father of her child. Sarah persuaded Bonnie to pledge that they would keep this information private, nevertheless. Fans of DOOL fans are aware that Bonnie enjoys some juicy rumors, so that fact alone will make it challenging for her to maintain a tight lid on things.

Days rumors state that during the week of June 12–16, Justin Kiriakis may notice that Bonnie is struggling with something and may prod her to reveal it.  Bonnie slips that Xander will become a father. The truth about her encounter with a heavily pregnant Sarah will eventually come out. Day teasers indicate it will also place Justin in a precarious situation.

Although Justin may comprehend Sarah’s concerns, the fact that Xander is still a member of the family still means something to a guy like Justin.

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