The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Xander and Brooke Plot Against Thomas

In the latest Bold and Beautiful, Xander recruits Finn in his quest against Thomas, sparking tensions in Finn’s marriage with Steffy.

Meanwhile, Brooke emerges as a potential ally, raising the stakes in the battle against “Thope.” Love, loyalty, and alliances collide as the drama unfolds on the canvas of Bold and Beautiful.

Finn’s Dilemma

“The Bold and the Beautiful” (B&B) reveals that Xander has been trying to recruit Finn to help him in his effort to unseat Thomas and stop more mayhem.

Xander presented a strong argument, but allying with Finn may not be the best course of action. Driven by his wish to keep Hope safe, Finn finds himself in a difficult situation.

Will he put this mission before his own marriage, is the lingering question. Steffy is growing increasingly agitated at Finn’s persistent contempt for her needs.

Finn can not get over the story of Xander and Emma Barber, which is causing tension in their relationship even though Steffy begs him to drop it.

When Finn accepts Xander’s account of the crash, Steffy gets upset, which leads to issues. Finn’s conversation about Xander and Emma will come under pressure from Steffy.

Steffy’s concerns might put Finn’s relationship in jeopardy if they are dismissed. Finn may need to reassess his goals and prioritize his marriage to Steffy.

To ensure the happiness of his family, Finn might need to set aside his doubts and concentrate on his romance.

Xander and Brooke Plot Against Thomas
Finn faces tough choices, and Brooke and Xander conspire against Thomas.

Brooke and Xander’s Alliance

If Xander is seeking an ally who does not trust Thomas, Brooke offers herself as a potential con artist. He has valid reasons for disliking his connection with Hope.

Although Liam is another option, it seems likely that Xander is already working with him based on Liam’s reaction to Xander’s name.

Though it is unlikely that Hope will take Liam’s advice, Brooke might have a better chance of influencing Hope than Liam.

She grows even more convinced that “Thope” has to end as Hope shares her concerns about Thomas’ previous relationship with her.

Hearing about the proposed marriage, Brooke may react strongly, which will only make her more determined to break up Hope and Thomas’s romance before it progresses to marriage.

Xander approaching Brooke and emphasizing the grave danger Hope is in could make her swear to protect her daughter at all costs.

What are your thoughts? To defeat Thomas, will Brooke and Xander work together?

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