The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Finn’s Risky Moves Threaten Marriage with Steffy

In the latest Bold and Beautiful, Finn’s questionable decisions, fueled by his desire to protect Hope and distrust of Thomas, put his marriage with Steffy on the line.

As tensions rise, Finn’s focus on Thomas and Hope creates a rift with Steffy, raising concerns about the stability of their relationship.

Finn’s Missteps

In the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Finn is tinkering with fire, which could result in a burn! You would think that after the whole Sheila hug incident, which forced Steffy to leave the country with the kids, Finn would have learned his lesson.

After that separation, Finn was a complete mess and was ecstatic when Steffy eventually returned home with Kelly and Hayes Forrester.

The idea of his union with Steffy disintegrating completely unsettled Finn, and he resolved never to allow anything to stand in their way once more.

In light of everything mentioned above, Finn might be seriously mishandling the situation by bringing up the Xander issue and creating such a tense relationship with Thomas.

Upon observing Steffy emerge from Finn’s office with an air of upset, Li was concerned. Li was reassured by Finn that he would not endanger his family while he attempted to minimize his argument with Steffy.

But that is precisely what Finn is doing when he disparages Steffy’s close friend and declares himself Hope’s protector.

It is not a good look for Finn to be so focused on Hope’s protection, which is why Li was wise to bring up Steffy and Hope’s past.

Tensions rise as Finn's actions jeopardize his marriage with Steffy, echoing past troubles and creating an uncertain future.
Tensions rise as Finn’s actions jeopardize his marriage with Steffy, echoing past troubles and creating an uncertain future.

Finn vs. Thomas Dynamic

All of this is bad, of course, especially considering that Finn is also acting like a monster toward Thomas! Finn’s pursuit of this will not lead to any beneficial outcome.

If Finn is correct in his assessment of Thomas’ danger, he will drive him back to the brink if he attempts to undermine Thomas’ bond with Hope.

If Finn is correct and Thomas manages to stay out of the danger zone, Steffy will still be upset with him for his unwavering stance on the matter.

Finn’s attitude toward Thomas’s potential redemption may be detrimental to his marriage and lead to additional issues because he may never find evidence to support his belief.

Will all of this lead to Finn and Steffy parting ways again? If things get so bad in their marriage, might Steffy throw Finn out this time?

Steffy may decide to keep the kids in their cherished house and make Finn pout in a hotel room! That being said, if things continue this way, Finn and Steffy’s marriage might not survive.

Steffy and Finn’s future is in jeopardy, so stay tuned for updates on any bad news for these two.

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