The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers: Taylor’s Tapestry of Love and Loss

A sufficient amount of time has passed since the decision was made in The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). Yet, amidst the echoes of shattered vows and forsaken promises, questions lingered like ghosts in the corridors of Taylor’s mind.

Destiny was invoked again, and Taylor’s heart was broken. Ridge left Taylor at the altar after promising she was his forever woman. Instead, as usual, Brooke was back in again.

Ridge’s Evasive Eternal Love

But why did Taylor let herself be pulled back into a situation that had so frequently worked out well for Brooke? Also, are recurring patterns not an indication of mental instability?

The issue was Thomas. Devoted viewers remember Ridge’s justification for not getting remarried to Taylor. She was minutes away from walking down the stairs in her gown when news of her son’s stunt broke. Taylor learned that Thomas framed Brooke.

He used a voice-altering phone application to make his voice appear to be hers and called Protective Services.

The narrative that pushed Taylor’s knowledge was forced, and viewers suspected there was a connection to other motives. While standing at the altar, Allen’s character was forced to tell Ridge that she was aware of Thomas’s deceit.

The ceremony was halted as a result. Shauna, a Strategic Friend. While it was cheeky fun for a while, viewers sensed that the friendship pact with Brooke would not last, and it didn’t.

Therefore, Taylor’s first step should be for TPTB to create a new non-family member’s confidence in her.

On the journey of Taylor and Eric
On the journey of Taylor and Eric

Taylor’s Protective Resolve

That individual could act as a sounding board and introduce Allen’s character to new situations with a fresh perspective. While she has not appeared on the show in a long time, Denise remains on B&B’s cast list.

With Quinn gone and that actor on General Hospital, why not connect Taylor and Shauna? Richards’ storylines were linked to Quinn. The audience is still waiting to learn what happened to her daughter, Flo.

Shauna also needs a new path because that actor left the cast. Although Taylor knows she is still Ridge’s second choice, she will always love him.

This physician needs to heal herself and find love somewhere else, especially since she is a trained psychiatrist. Her career is going well. Taylor will always be ready to back up her daughter, Steffy, if or when Sheila goes wild again.

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