What happened to Carolyn Warmus face? Did Carolyn Warmus have a stroke?

Carolyn Warmus is one of the most well-known true crime women. Her tale gained so much popularity that it was the subject of multiple TV shows, a book, and interesting allusions to the film Fatal Attraction. Recently, she appeared in a documentary called The Fatal Attraction Murder, and her appearance is different. So what happened? 

This article explores the significant events in Carolyn’s life, including her battle with a brain tumor, facial paralysis, and the aftermath of her conviction.

What happened to Carolyn Warmus face?

Carolyn had surgery due to a brain tumor. Her surgeries resulted in long-lasting modifications that contributed to her continued health issues and left her face paralyzed.

When Carolyn’s malignant brain tumor was discovered, her life took an abrupt turn for the worse. Her journey to recovery began with the diagnosis, which prompted numerous surgeries, including eye and facial surgery. She may have had these operations while incarcerated, according to reports, which emphasizes how serious her medical condition was.

According to the book “Fatal Attraction: The True Story of Carolyn Warmus,” Carolyn’s decision to undergo surgery was not without risks. Complications from the procedures posed a real risk to her life, altering the course of her life. However, Carolyn faced the challenge with determination, displaying remarkable resilience against the odds.

What happened to Carolyn Warmus face
Carolyn Warmus

After undergoing numerous surgeries, Carolyn Warmus now states that she “will never be able to do” what she used to do.

After serving her sentence for more than 20 years, Warmus had an MRI and found she had a “massive brain tumor.”

Carolyn asserts that she would undergo surgery and be admitted for two to three months of inpatient rehabilitation after locating a surgeon. “And so we all thought I was going to go in and come out, and everything was going to be great,” she adds. “And needless to say, that is not what happened.

The initial surgery did not go as planned, and I ended up needing a lot of rehabilitation, additional surgeries, and emergency room visits due to complications.”

She also reveals that she’s had many more operations since. “I’ve already had five brain surgeries, then eye surgeries, face surgeries, and everything else,” she says. “It’s like Humpty Dumpty being put back together again, but I will never be back to what I was, and I will never be able to do what I used to do.”

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