The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers: Love’s Complicated Path Hope, Liam, and Thomas

There are some mysterious romantic connections in The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). However, since it is daylight, some viewers approve of Hope and Thomas’s pairing. A lot of the characters in this version of Los Angeles, California, disagree with Hope’s choice to separate from her spouse.

However, that is insignificant when considering how shocked almost everyone was when Hope started dating Thomas.

Hope’s Controversial Choice

Devoted followers remember that Thomas sought to replace Caroline’s mother with Hope. While he sincerely wanted to help ease his son’s pain, Thomas used Douglas to access Hope.

His manipulations of her included withholding evidence about her daughter being alive. Trusting someone is about instinct and proof. Liam instantly suspected that Thomas was after Hope, and his feeling was repeatedly reinforced.

However, Liam’s past of exchanging Hope for Steffy also told him, as fans are aware. Experience had taught Clifton’s character that it is possible to use other people to further one’s own goals.

Hope was honest with Liam several times. No matter what Thomas did, they would still be together because he was the only man she loved.

Despite her love for Liam, Thomas continued to persistently meddle in their marriage.

Hope only asked to be trusted by Liam. Even after Liam questioned her morality, she continued to support him without wavering.

Thomas was brought back on as the principal designer for Hope for the Future, which made the fashion show in Rome, Italy, possible. His creations revitalized HFTF’s brand and generated a great deal of buzz globally.

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers
On the journey of tangled love in B&B

Liam vs. Thomas

However, Liam felt that if Hope permitted Thomas to attend the Forrester Creations event in Rome, then his marriage would be doomed.

Liam could not have any say in what she considered to be a business decision. The rest is soap opera history; she and Thomas were caught kissing at the Coliseum, and as soon as she got back home, their marriage fell apart.

Over the years, Hope was unable to leave Liam and go to Thomas. Hope and Liam shared a mutual mistrust of him, and with good reason.

But Hope saw a different side of Thomas as a result of Liam realizing his fears. She also has a very different perspective on Liam. Liam’s backup devotion is to Steffy, but Thomas is totally devoted to her.

Hope needs some space to recover after her most recent remarriage to Liam. She still remembers all that Thomas did but she is giving him a chance to prove he has changed.

It is reasonable to believe this controversial couple will at least be engaged, if not married, in the New Year.

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