Is Knight leaving NCIS 2024? Why did Jessica Knight accept the role with React in NCIS Season 21’s Finale?

NCIS, a long-running police procedural on CBS, is focused on the personal and professional lives of special agents assigned to the Naval Criminal Investigation Service’s Major Case Response Team. This team investigates criminal activity involving the US Navy, USMC, and their families. Numerous spin-offs have resulted from its success.

During Season 18, viewers were first introduced to Special Agent Jessica Knight. Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law, is the daughter of Feng Zhao, the Far East Field Office’s Special Agent in Charge. She is also the girlfriend of Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen), the Chief Medical Examiner on NCIS; the two began dating in Season 20.

Nevertheless, there has been conjecture that Knight might not return for Season 22 following the events of Season 21 and recent cast interviews. Is Jess Knight leaving NCIS? Here’s what we currently know.

Is Knight leaving NCIS 2024?

Yes, Jess is leaving the NCIS team, making her future on the CBS show uncertain.

After the season 21 finale, it remained unclear at the end of the show what would happen to Special Agent Jessica Knight, played by Katrina Law. The 2024 NCIS Season 21 finale seemed to set up Katrina Law’s exit from the series as NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight, after more than 50 episodes.

Is Knight leaving NCIS 2024
Agent Jessica Knight

Law has played Jess on the CBS military police procedural since season 18, and by season 19, she was a regular on the show. Following Ellie Bishop’s departure from the Washington Navy Yard’s REACT Unit, Jess joined the NCIS Major Case Response Team. Unfortunately, Law’s run on NCIS may be drawing to an end after what happened in the season 21 finale.

At the beginning of NCIS season 21, episode 10, Rocky Carroll’s Director Leon Vance offered Jess the position of NCIS REACT Chief Training Officer at Camp Pendleton in California, following the departure of the previous Training Officer.

Even though Jess had applied for the prestigious position a few years earlier, the unexpected news took her by surprise, and she took some time to think through her options. After accepting Vance’s offer by the end of the hour, Jess officially becomes the Chief Training Officer of REACT.

Jess gave Director Vance an emphatic “Hell yes” in the NCIS season 21 finale, but it was unclear what exactly she would do next.

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