Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for week of June 26: Lope Fallout, RIP besties pact

According to The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for the week of June 26–30, Brooke will finally get the happily ever after she is been seeking.

Unfortunately, Liam’s trip will not end nearly as well, and Taylor’s next move will come as a shock. Let’s find out.

Special performance for Ridge

They will have many reasons to rejoice as a result of Ridge’s choice to let Brooke and his destiny take control. Given that they are friends, Brooke will get in touch with Veronica Bocelli.

Since Veronica is the wife of the well-known opera singer Andrea Bocelli, she will gladly accommodate Brooke’s request to have Ridge attend a special performance.

Brooke and Ridge will end their trip to Italy on a high note with a special appearance from Virginia Bocelli, Andrea, and Veronica’s daughter. Ridge will be thankful to Brooke for orchestrating this wonderful deed of kindness, and he will naturally thank Andrea for entertaining him as well.

Liam runs to Steffy

The trip will not go as well for Liam, who will experience nightmare-like symptoms after learning that Hope was having sex with Thomas close to the Colosseum. Steffy will show Liam some compassion after he vents all of his resentment and disappointment.

Steffy will try her hardest to be there for Liam, and she undoubtedly has plans to confront Hope about her treachery at some point. What happens in Italy will not stay in Italy, according to B&B spoilers!

That implies that the events in Rome will have some seriously explosive repercussions in Los Angeles. The puzzle Liam will solve may involve all the peculiar occurrences and suspicions he has encountered lately.

Liam should become even more enraged after we see him recall instances in which Hope lied to him about her friendship with Thomas. Of course, Liam might also assume that when they were in bed, Hope was daydreaming about Thomas; in fact, there were times when she had fantasies about him rather than her husband.

Will Liam cheat on Hope?

Liam and Hope’s marriage will not be in good shape when they get a chance to talk again in Los Angeles. Since Thomas is the only man Liam can not stand seeing Hope kiss, he might think there is no turning back from Hope’s betrayal.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for week of June 26 Lope Fallout, RIP besties pact
Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for week of June 26: Lope Fallout, RIP besties pact

The difficult journey ahead will only get worse because Hope genuinely feels something for Thomas, so be sure to check back for updates.

Taylor is disappointed but not surprised

Once Taylor Hayes realizes Brooke is back with Ridge, she will finally have to face the truth about the situation. Taylor will be disappointed, but given how hard Brooke fought for a successful reunion in fantastic Rome, she will not be at all surprised.

Keep watching to see Taylor’s response when she learns that Hope is making a move on Thomas because The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that this will happen eventually.

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  1. On B&B all this talk about happily ever after and destiny. Can Taylor have her’s too!?!? Lets say with Bill Spencer!!! ???? and same with Thomas ????????

  2. I am most definitely with you, Sharon! I am sick of Brook and I want to see Taylor happy! Hope did this to herself, and I hope hubby kicks her to the curb!


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