Indiana Man threatens Taylor Swift: says he would gladly wear a bomb if he couldn’t be with her

Earlier this month, a man from Indiana was arrested and charged with stalking and harassing Taylor Swift during a series of events that took place between March and May 2023, including traveling to the singer’s Nashville home.

Who is this harasser?

According to the records of the LaPorte Superior Court, Mitchell Taebel, 36, was arrested on June 2 on suspicion of stalking, invading a person’s privacy, intimidating a person, and harassing a person after making numerous attempts to get in touch with Swift at home and through social media.

CNN obtained an affidavit that states that”On March 29, 2023, Taebel posted a voice message to his Instagram account that he sent to (Swift) official Instagram account stating that he would happily wear a bomb if he cannot be with his soul mate.” 

~Source CNN

In addition to Taylor Swift, Taebel also made threats to her father and a group of dancers

Between March and May of this year, Taebel is accused of sending Swift and her management team threatening messages. Swift is mentioned multiple times throughout the affidavit from LaPorte Superior Court despite not being directly mentioned in the document.

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Her current Eras Tour, her management team, 13 Management, her former boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and a song from her most recent album are all mentioned in these references.

Indiana Man threatens Taylor Swift says he would gladly wear a bomb if he couldn't be with her
Indiana Man threatens Taylor Swift: says he would gladly wear a bomb if he couldn’t be with her

According to the affidavit, on March 29, Taebel sent Swift an Instagram voice message in which he said he would wear a bomb if he couldn’t be with his alleged soul mate. In addition, Taebel is said to have sent messages to Swift’s father and dancers, according to the affidavit.

He had a restraining order 

Taebel reportedly traveled from Long Beach, Indiana, to Swift’s house in Nashville on May 5. Nevertheless, security threw him out of there. Later that day, Taebel went to Nissan Stadium to see Swift perform, but security recognized him and had to help him leave with the help of venue staff and security.

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The affidavit asserts that Taebel continued to breach the restraining order and send communications to Swift throughout May, at least until May 18, even though Taebel was served with a temporary restraining order on May 13 after it was requested by 13 Management’s attorney and issued on May 11.

On June 1, a $15,000 bond was imposed for the stalking offense. The date of Taebel’s subsequent court appearance is July 27.

Taebel posted a racist and hateful video message on social media after leaving Indiana.

Not the first time… 

Swift has endured years of stalking, with the most recent incident being in July 2022 when a Brooklyn man was detained for obstructively pestering the singer.

In 2019, a second guy broke into Swift’s Tribeca apartment twice, and a third was apprehended close to her Rhode Island estate. Another guy was detained in 2021 for attempting to enter Swift’s flat.

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