Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weeks: Liam asking for a divorce, Taylor and Brooke catfight

We are whining and gasping over The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from June 26 to July 7. Our favorite characters are further destabilizing their lives while experiencing heartbreak. Take a look at what the upcoming two weeks have in store for us.

Andrea Bocelli’s Treat for Viewers

When Brooke contacts Veronica Bocelli for assistance, she will surprise Ridge with a grandiose gesture. As the week of June 26–30 gets underway, Veronica will persuade her husband, Andrea Bocelli, to put on a powerful performance that is certain to bring Ridge much happiness.

As the Rome celebrations come to a close, Virginia Bocelli, the daughter of Andrea and Veronica, will also likely make an appearance.

Taylor and Brooke, the ex-besties

The good news about their reunion will eventually get out thanks to Brooke and Ridge, but Taylor will not be happy. When Taylor learns that Ridge has chosen Brooke for the nth time, she will probably warn that it will not last.

Taylor believes that Brooke and Ridge’s romance will always come to a tragic conclusion. Taylor and Brooke are expected to engage in another shouting match, according to B&B spoilers, so Ridge might end up acting as the referee.

Wyatt’s shoulder for Liam to cry

Liam will update Wyatt on his trip to Italy and how it quickly descended into chaos in the meantime. Hope surprised Liam when she made out with Thomas in front of the Colosseum, contrary to what he had expected.

Liam kissed Steffy, but will he tell Wyatt about it? And perhaps more importantly, will Liam tell Hope?

Mess in LA

When Liam says he visited Rome and saw everything after Hope returns to Los Angeles, she will be in complete shock. After realizing she is been caught, Hope will apologize profusely and beg Liam to overlook her error.

Liam, on the other hand, will make a lot of connections and conclude that Hope has been harboring feelings for Thomas for a long time. Liam might figure that out and think it is kind of embarrassing, especially since Hope even had fantasies about Thomas while having sex with her husband.

According to The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, one relationship will suffer irreparable damage.

Confession Time

The possibility exists that Liam will admit to kissing Steffy and leave Hope feeling just as hurt as he did. Liam might choose to omit that information, however, as it would undercut his rant about Hope’s betrayal.

Steffy will later provide more details about her allegiance, in either case. Perhaps Steffy will tell Liam that John “Finn” Finnegan alone is the sole owner of her heart and insist that a kiss like that will not ever happen again.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weeks Liam asking for a divorce, Taylor and Brooke catfight
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Next Two Weeks: Liam asking for a divorce, Taylor and Brooke catfight

Although there would be more drama if she kept that secret for a longer period, it is also possible that Steffy will tell Finn the truth about Liam’s unexpected lip lock.

Thomas’ next move

Steffy will experience a sense of her worst-case scenario regarding Thomas and Hope’s relationship. Will Thomas have a harder time controlling his obsession now that Hope has taken things too far with him?

Hope wants Thomas, as shown by the numerous plays she wrote for him in Rome, so perhaps Thomas will not even need to control himself.

Given Liam’s impulsive decision that will occur during the week of July 3–7, Hope’s marriage may no longer be a problem.

A divorce? Well this escalated quick

Liam might suddenly declare his desire for a divorce, which would allow Hope to fully cede her allegiance to Thomas. There will be more consequences as a result of all the hugs and passionate scenes that transpired while in Italy as well as the secrets that will be revealed.

According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful, there will be lots of excitement in the upcoming two weeks.

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