Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 30 2023: Liam’s mistake, Thomas’ chance?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday, June 30 are all about the drama and the famous love pentagon. Well, yes the Pentagon – Thomas, Steffy, Liam, Hope, Thomas. Let us find out what are they all up to.

What is lost to one man, is gained by another

The good news should make Thomas happy. That Liam and Hope’s union will not be able to be saved is what we are going to assume. Would someone please explain to Finn what that means for their marriage?

Although it was not a big deal for Finn to stop by Liam and Hope’s cabin to pick up Kelly’s shoes, we are sure his stepdaughter appreciated it greatly.

This is undoubtedly just one of the kind deeds Finn performs daily as a father and stepfather. He may later regret making a different supportive decision that day, though.

Liam began blathering on about Hope and Thomas in Rome when Finn entered the room, as expected given that he hardly ever talks about anything else these days.

He is practically as fixated on Thomas right now as Thomas was on Hope in the past. Ironic. Not to mention how ironic it would be if Finn’s marriage ended as a result of the situational advice he gave Liam.

Where her allegiances lie is made abundantly clear by Steffy. However, if you return following the commercial, we would be willing to wager that they are not where you last left them. B&B may make Steffy move even farther away from Liam, leaving Finn in need of solace.

Taylor confides in Finn; A buzzing friendship or more?

B&B spoilers for Friday, June 30 reveal that Taylor seemed intrigued by the idea of having the chance, to be honest and receive counsel. Finn was happy to help, since it was usually the other way around, and as their friendship grew, he even started making jokes with Taylor.

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 30 2023 Liam’s mistake, Thomas’ chance
Bold and Beautiful Spoilers June 30 2023 (Credit: CBS)

The fact that Finn and Taylor are sharing scenes alone is intriguing, even though nothing improper has happened up to this point. That is particularly true at this time when there will likely be some romantic tension between Taylor and Finn. Regardless of the situation, Taylor is single and could use a fresh story to experiment with.

If she gets into bed with Finn or even just feels tempted, it could completely ruin Taylor’s mother-daughter relationship with Steffy. It would be ideal to use this as an opportunity to tarnish Finn because he is Mr. Perfect and to give him some dramatic material to play with.

Keep reading for more news about betrayals and unexpected relationship developments because The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Steffy will face plenty of issues in the future no matter what.

If they allow Finn and Taylor to hook up, the show has the chance to do something incredibly dramatic. Taylor and Finn might at least share a kiss or experience some sexual temptation at some point. If Steffy’s mother and husband had betrayed her in this way, just imagine how she would feel!

What to discuss? An interesting take

The chance for Taylor to be vulnerable and receive guidance seemed to be appealing to her. Since it is usually the other way around, Finn was happy to assist and even made jokes with Taylor as their relationship developed.

Is there going to be anything significant between the two?

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