Does Sally lose her baby on Young and Restless?

It would not be the first time a soap went for the drama of loss rather than the joy of a new family member. Of course, the storyline involving Delia’s death was written by Y&R Head Writer and Executive Producer Josh Griffith.

He has always been very proud of that story, so he does not mind killing off the soap kids for the sake of drama. The Young and the Restless writers have been dropping hints that Sally’s pregnancy with Adam might not be successful for the past couple of weeks. Let’s find out what happened.

What happened to Sally? The whole pregnancy ordeal

In the episode that aired on June 15, Sally collapsed in agony as she and Adam were eating at Society and debating whether to name their unborn child after Adam’s mother, Hope.

The Newman heir sprang into action right away and drove her to the hospital. When they get to the hospital, they run into Elena, who was, ironically, coming down from a high after giving Nate and Adam’s older sister a piece of her mind. Elena responds to Adam’s plea for assistance by naturally getting to work on the crisis.  

Does Sally lose her baby on young and restless?

Yes, the baby does not survive after he eventually tells Elena that she and her team should do everything in their power to save Sally.

Sadly, Adam is forced to make a terrible choice in the episode airing on June 16 and must decide between saving Sally’s life or the life of their unborn daughter.

How did Sally lose her baby? 

Given her preeclampsia risk, Sally may conclude that worrying about Nick put too much strain on her body, forcing her into a medical crisis that resulted in tragedy.

Does Sally lose her baby on Young and Restless
Does Sally lose her baby on Young and Restless?

Even though Nick might not be to blame for the Cameron drama, Sally might blame the drama and push Nick away when he starts to change.

Sally will blame Adam for her baby’s death

Looking ahead to the week of June 19, Adam tells Sally the terrible news, which causes her to lose it and become hysterical. She even expresses her annoyance to Adam.

Next week’s promotion will allow you to see for yourself. Despite the fact that Sally’s remarks to Adam were likely made out of frustration and grief, they ought to worry fans of the Ally couple.

She said, I want her, Adam, but you allowed her to perish. She is dead because of you. It is challenging to envision a romantic future between the two if she believes that his immediate medical decision was incorrect and partially holds him responsible for her daughter’s passing. 

Nick broke his vow to support Sally  

Then there’s Nick Nick promised to be there for Sally and support her throughout her pregnancy. However, his ability to be present with her changed the moment Cameron Kirsten returned to Genoa City.

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He has been concentrating all of his efforts on safeguarding Sharon and Faith. The few times Nick was able to see Sally recently, they were brief, and it was to warn her to stay away from Cameron, though Nick was vague about the extreme danger of Cameron’s presence.

What happens next?

It appears that Sally may prefer to be alone as she grieves, rejecting both of the Newman brothers. Although, for Adam, we believe that their shared grief will eventually bring them closer and rekindle their romance.

Do not shed a tear for Nick. After this whole Cameron ordeal, we see him and Sharon finally rekindling. A ‘Shick’ reunion is the line. Nick has been relatively MIA when it comes to Sally since his arrest in response to Cameron’s false assault claim, leaving her constantly worried.

Prior to her child’s death, she frequently wondered about Nick and tried to learn more about him from Adam, who resisted giving her any information.

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