Is Chloe Leaving Young and Restless? Elizabeth Hendrickson Drops Hints on Potential Exit

Elizabeth Hendrickson’s departure from the television series The Young and the Restless has been the subject of persistent rumors. Elizabeth has portrayed Chloe Mitchell on the popular CBS serial opera since 2008, however, she left the show for a while in 2017.

After spending a year portraying Margaux Dawson at General Hospital, she made a comeback to Y&R in 2019.

As Chelsea’s and now Sally’s devoted friend, Chloe hasn’t had much of a plot in the previous two years. So the fans got worried when the rumor surfaced. 

Is Chloe leaving Young and Restless?

On the daytime serial series The Young and the Restless on CBS, Elizabeth Hendrickson has played Chloe for over six years. Hendrickson’s contract with Y&R has expired, and insider Michael Logan of TV Guide claims that the actress has no plans to extend it. 

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She confirmed it herself as Elizabeth engaged in a Q&A with her followers on Instagram Stories as she was waiting for a flight. One person asked why the actress didn’t post as much and that Chloe needed a plot. It’s easy to understand why. Elizabeth’s deal with the CBS show has expired.

What did Chloe aka Elizabeth Hendrickson say?

Hendrickson graciously welcomed the heartfelt letter from the supporters but emphasized that the primary concern was her contract status. The star of The Young And The Restless emphasized that she still has the opportunity to film on occasion and that she treasures the time she spends with her pals on location.

Is Chloe Leaving Young and Restless
Is Chloe Leaving Young and Restless?

She made it very clear that she is still a member of the Y&R family to clear up any ambiguity among viewers regarding her contract status. She is not assured a specific amount of episodes each week or month without a contract, though. Instead, she only shows up when the plot calls for Chloe to be there in particular situations.

For instance, Chloe plays a supportive position, giving counsel and direction to other characters rather than taking the lead like Sally, whose tale right now involves a baby drama and a love triangle. These kinds of situations are frequent for free agents. So it’s doubtful that Chloe will soon be the focus of an exciting tale.

Will Chloe Return on The Young and the Restless?

Fans nonetheless take comfort in the fact that Chloe keeps showing up on the program. Hendrickson’s devoted audience will be grateful for any chance to witness her in action since it’s much preferable to having the character completely written off.

Chloe will further establish herself in the interior design industry, especially with Sally taking a back seat, according to The Young and the Restless spoilers. Chloe will step up and support Sally as she manages her issues, enabling them to succeed together. Watch this space for further information about their career endeavors.

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Hendrickson being out of contract and Chloe not being the focus of an exciting plot may be upsetting. The times she does appear on the program, though, should be appreciated. After all, viewers might smile only by catching a glimpse of a favorite figure.

Who knows? Maybe Chloe’s future may bring about intriguing possibilities that will enthrall viewers once more. So continue to watch The Young and the Restless to see whether Chloe may appear again soon.

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