What happened to Shabnam in EastEnders? The Journey to Pakistan

Shabnam Masood isn’t only a given name. She is a compelling tapestry made of tragedy, resiliency, and a need to fit in.

Her journey through the renowned soap opera is filled with turns and turns and periods of overwhelming happiness and heartbreaking sadness.

Buckle up if you’ve ever been enthralled by Shabnam’s journey of hardships and victories and curious about her future. This is an exploration of her life story and a farewell to a figure that had a lasting impact on the square.

Who played Shabnam in EastEnders?

The original Shabnam was portrayed by Zahra Ahmadi. She went on to play parts in Black Mirror, Doctor Who, and most recently, the BBC comedy-drama Beyond Paradise, where she played DS Esther Williams.

In 2014, Shabnam made a comeback to Albert Square, where Rakhee Thakrar portrayed her.

Zahra Ahmadi
Zahra Ahmadi

Rakhee has also experienced great success after leaving EastEnders; in addition to starring in the successful movie Wonka, she has made appearances on television in Sex Education and Finders Keepers.

Who is Shabnam Masood?

Shabnam is the sister of Syed, Tamwar, and Kamil, and the daughter of Zainab Masood and Masood Ahmed.

She was idealistic, passionate, and family-oriented in her early years on the Square, despite having a tiny rebellious tendency.

She befriended Dawn Swann, and the two had some wild nights out, although Zainab’s mother wasn’t happy.

In the end, Shabs moved from Walford to Pakistan.

What happened to Shabnam in EastEnders?

Shabnam felt lost and decided to leave Walford to relocate to Pakistan in search of her roots because Zainab disapproved of her desire to go partying and ignore her culture.

Zahra Ahmadi, who starred in Beyond Paradise from 2007 to 2008, originally portrayed Shabnam as Masood and Zainab’s wayward only daughter.

Rakhee Thakrar, who most recently acted in Netflix’s Sex Education, returned as Shabnam in 2014.

Rakhee Thakrar
Rakhee Thakrar

Shabnam, a much more serious woman now, was not impressed by the sly market dealer Kush Kazemi at first, but they ended up dating after Shabnam confided in him.

Making friends When Stacey Slater Shabnam was last in Walford, she admitted that she had an affair with Dean, became pregnant, and gave birth to the child.

Shabnam tried to hide the reality by saying their child had passed away, but Dean was able to uncover the truth.

Jade Green, Shabnam’s daughter, discovered her after she was attacked by a gang. Shabnam, who is now engaged to Kush, found out she was five months pregnant at the hospital.

The news affected her because she felt guilty about leaving her first child behind.

However, Shabnam had to give birth and say goodbye to their son, whom she called Zaair, after she and Kush learned that their unborn child was stillborn.

After Shabnam and Kush got married, she learned that she had uterine scarring and might never be able to conceive naturally again.

When she discovered that Kush was indeed Arthur’s father, Stacey begged him to continue raising his son. Shabnam declared her intention to leave Walford and called off their marriage.

In 2016, Shabnam and Jade departed in a black taxi after Buster and Shirley asked Shabnam to take on the role of legal guardian for Jade. They haven’t been seen since.

Will Shabnam return to EastEnders?

No indications that Shabnam will be returning to EastEnders have surfaced thus far. Even so, Jade and Dean have spoken to one another about her, and we have even witnessed Dean calling her.

We doubt Shabnam will be content with that situation in the long run, though, given that her young daughter lives with her rapist father. You can never say never, in our opinion.

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