What happened to Breena on NCIS? The Impact of Her Tragedy on NCIS

The moving story of Breena Palmer, the devoted spouse of James Palmer, the NCIS Medical Examiner, as we peel back the layers of her character’s development from a budding relationship to a heartbreaking end.

This article examines the emotional fallout from Breena’s sad COVID-19 death in Season 18, Episode 7, illuminating the plot’s attempt to draw attention to the virus’s real-world effects.

Join us as we consider the emotional moments that struck a chord with fans and the tremendous impact that Breena Palmer’s character had on the NCIS plot.

Who is Breena?

Breena Palmer, a mortician, was the wife of James Palmer, the NCIS medical examiner. She was also the mother of Victoria Elizabeth Palmer, Ed Slater’s daughter and Stevie Slater’s older sister.

Breena was married to James Palmer in May 2012 and passed away in late December 2020 from the COVID-19 virus.

Breena Palmer,
Breena Palmer

About NCIS

NCIS has won quite a lot of fans with its compelling characters and unexpected storylines. As previously reported, the show’s plot follows the Washington, D.C., major case response team led by Mark Harmon’s character, Leroy Gibbs, as they look into a number of cases.

When NCIS debuted on the network in 2003, fans fell in love with Dr. Jimmy Palmer because of his genuine optimism and sense of humor in every situation.

Palmer was a part-time assistant to Donald “Ducky” Mallard during the first season of the show before coming on board as the next medical examiner when Mallard resigned.

Many have seen Palmer’s changes as a spouse and father throughout the years, both in his personal and professional lives.

Palmer’s relationship with mortician Breena Palmer began in the seventh season of NCIS. Their mutual interest in medical research allowed the two to click right away when they met at work.

In the end, during the 12th season of the show, the couple would get married and welcome a daughter, Victoria Palmer. But once his wife Breena passed away suddenly, Palmer’s world would collapse in a surreal twist of fate.

What happened to Breena on NCIS
Breena Palmer’s death deeply impacted NCIS.

What happened to Breena on NCIS?

Dispute rumors that Palmer told his employees that his wife Breena had died of COVID-19 in season 18, episode 7, which aired in 2021.

Palmer stated that he and his family were doing their best to deal with the tragic event, even if Breena’s passing was not shown on screen.

Actor Brian Dietzen, who plays Palmer on NCIS, revealed a few specifics about how he found out about Breena’s death.

Dietzen claims that the magazine was told at the time that the purpose of the film’s production was to increase public awareness of COVID-19 by depicting the virus’s harmful effects on health through the death of a character who contracted it.

The producers, however, had another idea and presented it to Dietzen since they didn’t want a well-known cast member to pass away suddenly.

That pivotal moment occurred in season 18, episode 7, when Palmer was confronted by Leroy Gibbs, and they engaged in a moving discussion about his struggles in the wake of his wife’s passing.

During the talk, they talked about the couple’s final moments together and Palmer’s letter to Breena, which she sadly never received. Palmer began the healing process that same episode by reading the letter out loud to his coworkers.

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