Little Mo Slater’s Journey in EastEnders: Is Little Mo coming back to EastEnders?

In the realm of EastEnders, characters’ lives are frequently loaded up with sensational exciting bends in the road. One such person is Little Mo Slater, whose storyline was set apart by homegrown maltreatment, misfortune, and at last, a takeoff from Walford.

Fans have been contemplating whether she will at any point get back to the BBC One soap, and keeping in mind that there have been no authority declarations, there’s actually trust for an unexpected visitor appearance.

Little Mo Slater’s Turbulent Journey:

Little Mo Slater, portrayed by Kacey Ainsworth, arrived in Walford in 2000 and soon became entangled in a powerful domestic abuse storyline involving her husband, Trevor Morgan.

Over time, Trevor’s abusive behavior wore her down, leaving her unable to escape his clutches. However, on New Year’s Eve in 2001, she finally stood up for herself and hit Trevor with an iron, seemingly leaving him for dead.

After the revelation that Trevor was alive, Little Mo was charged with attempted murder, but she struck a deal with him to avoid pressing charges. Trevor’s life ended tragically in a fire at the Slater house, but Little Mo’s challenges were far from over.

Her relationship with Billy Mitchell provided some respite, but it crumbled when she was raped by Graham Foster, leading to the birth of her son, Freddie.

The trauma of the incident strained her relationship with Billy, who struggled to look at Freddie without being reminded of the rapist.

Little Mo Slater's Journey in EastEnders: Is Little Mo coming back to EastEnders?
Is Little Mo coming back to EastEnders?

Seeking justice, Little Mo ensured Graham was jailed for eight years. She later pursued a romance with Dr. Oliver Cousins, but it ended in tears. Throughout it all, she devoted herself to raising Freddie, making enemies with Phil Mitchell after confronting him over harm caused to her son.

Little Mo’s Departure:

In 2006, heartbroken and seeking a fresh start, Little Mo decided to leave Walford with Freddie, planning a new life in Barnstaple. She was subsequently asked to travel to Leeds by Dr. Oliver Cousins at the station.

Despite the offer, Little Mo realized it was time for her to embrace a new chapter in her life, leaving Walford behind.

Is Little Mo coming back to EastEnders?

As of now, there have been no official announcements about Kacey Ainsworth reprising her role as Little Mo Slater on EastEnders. In a Loose Women appearance, executive producer Chris Clenshaw hinted that Little Mo could potentially return to Walford, especially considering that Freddie, her son, is already a character on the show.

Although Kacey Ainsworth has not mentioned any immediate plans for a return, she has regularly interacted with fans on social media and shared stories about Little Mo and Freddie. Her engagement with EastEnders fans has kept the hope alive for a surprise guest appearance.

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Little Mo – FAQs

Why did Little Mo leave EastEnders?

Ainsworth spoke about how much she loved playing Little Mo but knew there was life outside of the serial when she announced in 2006 that she would be leaving the serial after six years to work on other projects. In 2010 she returned to EastEnders.

What happened to Little Mo Slater in EastEnders?

In 2006, Little Mo decided to leave Albert Square because she wanted a fresh start. That same year, Little Mo dispersed from her family, taking her son with her, and heading for Barnstaple.

What happened to Little Mo and Trevor in EastEnders?

Trevor appears to have escaped the attack and left the house, whereupon he abruptly passed out, collapsed, and was taken to the hospital. After he has recovered, he contacts the police and files an attempted murder charge against Little Mo; however, she is released on bail until the trial in April 2002.

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