What Happened To Tai Lung? How Did This Main Antagonist In The Kung Fu Franchise Meet His End?

What Happened To Tai Lung: The primary foe of Kung Fu Panda is Tai Lung, whom Ian McShane voices in the motion pictures and Andre Sogliuzzo in the television series. He is a powerful snow leopard possessing superhuman strength.

Tai Lung, Shifu’s adoptive son, was the only pupil to learn the Nerve Attack technique and felt it was his calling to become the Dragon Warrior. Blessed with both talent and rage, what led to this character’s collapse? Read on to find out.

How and when did Tai Lung’s story arc come about?

Tai Lunng is portrayed as the main enemy of Kung Fu Panda. A snow leopard with extra-human strength, he was Shifu’s adoptive son and was the only one to know the art of the Nerve Attack Technique.

Tai Lung felt deceived by Oogway’s refusal to give him the title, so he besieged the city and outfought Shifu in an attempt to get the scroll, only to be ultimately vanquished by Master Oogway.

Due to his actions and the consequential loss, Tai Lung was imprisoned for twenty years at Chorh-Gom Prison.

Did Tai Lung ever manage to break free from prison and pursue his calling?

Tai Lung used one of the goose’s dropped feathers to pick up the locks on his cuffs and break free when Zeng showed up at the prison to demand more security. After fighting and defeating the Furious Five, he storms the Jade Palace to find the Dragon Scroll.

He overpowers Shifu in his search for the scroll and almost kills him, but Po entices him away with the dragon scroll, setting off a violent altercation between the two. Po is briefly astonished before realising that the scroll is there.

Still, he is oblivious to its meaning—that ultimate power is entirely dependent upon oneself—because of its mirrored, blank surface. When Po applies the Wuxi Finger Hold to Tai Lung, he kills him.

What Happened To Tai Lung
A meaningful end to a show-defining story arc. Tai Lung’s thirst for power was met with an aggressive divesting of power

What happened to Tai Lung?

Tai Lung was exiled to the Spirit Realm. In Kung Fu Panda 3, it is revealed that Tai Lung now resides in the Spirit Realm since the Finger Hold transports its adversary there.

Flashback scenes continue to feature him after his defeat. In the Spirit Realm, he is also one of the kung fu masters whom Kai defeated and whose chi was gathered by the latter.

Tai Lung, whose name is a play on another Cantonese vocabulary word with a similar meaning, is Cantonese for “Great Dragon.”

This name was inspired by that of the protagonist from T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger, a game developed by DreamWorks Interactive before the release of the first film.

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