What happened to Wendell Edwards on WFSB in Connecticut?

When the lineup of the show changes, any regular viewer of TV news will probably notice it. You will wonder what happened to an anchor if you watch a news program every morning and one day find that the anchor you have been watching for years has disappeared.

In Hartford, Connecticut, a lot of viewers have noticed that Wendell Edwards, one of the regular hosts of Eyewitness News in the Morning on the local station WFSB, is not there anymore. Of course, a lot of people want to know what happened to Wendell.

Wendell began working with WFSB in 2021. Wendell D. Edwards, an accomplished television news reporter, will join Nicole Nalepa, Scot Haney, and Caitlin Francis on channel 3, according to a statement made by the WFSB-TV morning news team.

Edwards had made his radio debut in Connecticut on WPLR 99.1FM’s popular Chaz & AJ Show. The father of two daughters, who is married, received advice from the hosts regarding what to expect from the state and his new listeners. 

What happened to Wendell Edwards on WFSB in Connecticut
Wendell Edwards

But before that, he worked for a considerable amount of time in broadcast journalism in different parts of the nation.

He has worked at news stations in Birmingham, Alabama, as an anchor for Hearst Television. In addition, he was an anchor at KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City, where he won multiple accolades and awards for his reporting efforts.

Wendell Edwards of WFSB in Connecticut, the regular morning anchor, left his morning slot for reasons that will be covered in this article.

Who is Wendell Edwards?

The United States’ Dallas, Texas, is the birthplace of Wendell Edwards. Edwards enrolled in the Columbia University School of Journalism in 1996, and he earned a master’s degree in broadcast journalism from the institution the following year.

In 1988, he started attending Abilene Christian University, and four years later, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in journalism.

Wendell Edwards is a reporter and news anchor from America who works for WFSB-TV in Hartford, Connecticut.

Edwards anchors WFSB Channel 3 Eyewitness News’ morning news. He worked for ABC 3340 News in Birmingham, Alabama, as a reporter and weekday morning news anchor for five years and ten months before coming to WFSB in April 2015. 

He also worked as a reporter and news anchor for KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City.

There is a long list of awards and achievements for Edwards. In 2008 and 2011, he received two NABJ Salute to Excellence awards and the Oklahoma Broadcasters Association award in 2010 for his exceptional investigative reporting.

In addition to this, Edwards also received an ABBY Award from the Alabama Broadcasters Association in 2020 in recognition of his “School Patrol” series.

What happened to Wendell Edwards on WFSB?

Wendell Edwards is no longer the morning anchor for Connecticut’s WFSB. Wendell seems to have departed from WFSB, but the specifics of his departure are still unknown. His final day on the air was last Thursday, according to people familiar with the change.

According to a Nov. 20, 2023, article, staff members allegedly received no explanation.”

The WFSB website no longer features Wendell’s bio, but the station has not announced his exit.

Wendell has also been radio silent following reports that he was leaving the network. Since the news broke, he has only posted once on Facebook, wishing his late mother a happy birthday.

Regarding his new job and the potential reason for his termination from WFSB, he has remained silent.

For now, the circumstances surrounding Wendell’s departure from WFSB remain mostly a mystery. What’s safe to say, though, is that he won’t be back on the channel soon.

On his LinkedIn page, Edwards lists himself as “Open for Work.” Interestingly, his LinkedIn experience page still lists him as WFSB’s morning host.

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