What happened to Chico on Moonshiners? Is Moonshiners worth watching?

The Discovery Channel is well-known for producing some of the most informative and bizarre shows in television history.

It has a distinct fan base, even though it produces shows for people of all ages and personalities. Everyone will find something to their liking, which is why it has become one of the most popular television channels.

Moonshiners is a television show that premiered on the Discovery Channel. The show has a small but devoted fan base that appreciates its uniqueness and quirkiness.

The show and its thrilling suspense kept the audience entertained and made it more interesting. But things got intense when people could not find Chico and his wife Sandra in the following seasons, and everyone was curious as to why they both abruptly left the show despite being among the most popular participants.

Why did Chico from the Moonshiners and his wife disappear?

The audience was dissatisfied and demanded answers when the show’s directors, Dean Bushala, Noah Danoff, and Brain Garton, as well as the Discovery Channel, failed to provide specific reasons for Chico’s departure.

“I miss Chico and his one last good tooth,” one fan joked on Twitter, while another asked more directly, “Where are Chico and Sondra?

What Happened to Chico on Moonshiners?

Moonshiners is an eleven-season American television drama, with Chico and his wife, Sandra, hosting seasons three to six.

The series represents the efforts of liquor production, law-evading techniques, and life. Unfortunately, Chico and Sandra were no longer featured on the show after season 6.

A rep for Discovery Plus confirmed the news that the couple is not going to appear in the upcoming seasons. The couple’s reasons for leaving the show were not mentioned.

What is Chico doing now

They made this decision after their son was born in 2018. So, it was just assumed that they wanted to give more attention to the family, so they left the show.

Chico pretended to be funny and fearless while hosting the show. However, after avoiding the media, his social media profile dropped, and there needed to be some indication of his future work.

What is Chico doing now?

Unfortunately, Chico has maintained a low profile since leaving the show. In his most recent post, he stated, “Life has settled down a little bit.

It is time for me to return to what I refer to as “something I do better than anyone else.” Other than a concert in Upton, Ky., in September, my calendar is clear.

If you want me to make sure your event does not have a single moment of silence, send me an email with what you have planned, and I will personally try to make it shake.

Have a good one now; it is back to the holler; for the time being, keep shining, and I will keep thumping.”

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