What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins, FOX 25? The departure of Elizabeth elicited strong reactions from viewers.

Fox 25 covers local events, sports, news, and weather in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, such as McLoud, Shawnee, and Tecumseh.

Cox Media Group, an Atlanta-based subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, is the station’s owner. The transmitter of WFXT is situated on Cabot Street in Needham, while the station’s studios are located on Fox Drive in Dedham, close to the Boston-Providence Turnpike.

What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins, FOX 25? 

After 13 years with the network, Elizabeth is no longer with Fox 25.

Boston Fox 25 viewers have observed that Elizabeth Hopkins, a morning anchor for the program, has not been present on the network.

Elizabeth reportedly left Fox 25 after 13 years. Although the specifics of what transpired remain unknown, several viewers have surmised that Elizabeth’s decision to resign from her position wasn’t her own. Elizabeth’s departure was announced to the news team in a brief email shared by Todd Brown, the Vice President of the Boston 25.

What happened to Elizabeth Hopkins, FOX 25
Elizabeth Hopkins

“Team, I would like to inform you that Elizabeth Hopkins is leaving the station. We hope she succeeds in all of her future undertakings,” the note said. The news director of the station, Sarah Burgess, resigned a few days ago, a move that many believe was not her decision. Now word has leaked out about Elizabeth’s departure.

The reason behind these possible terminations is unknown, but the news infuriated her fans.

Viewers had strong reactions to Elizabeth’s departure.

After the news broke, Elizabeth went completely silent on social media, but many are keeping an eye on her to see where she might end up after what appears to be an enforced removal. Inquiries about what happened to her are also exploding on her social media platforms, but it appears that she may be hesitant to share the details.

It is possible that Fox 25 chose to bring in fresh talent to replace Elizabeth to shake things up. Alternatively, there might have been another issue. Regardless of the specifics of the situation, we will not learn more until Elizabeth chooses to engage her already-existing social media following. She connected with the audience and will be greatly missed. 

Fans will have to conjecture why she might have chosen to leave or been let go until then. But one thing is certain, Elizabeth’s departure will make a big difference on Fox 25’s morning show.

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