What happened to Casey in the Split? Test of Past Traumas and Survival Skills

In M. Night Shyamalan’s psychological thriller “Split,” Casey Cooke, portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, emerges as a resilient protagonist amidst a harrowing ordeal.

Through her resilience and unique bond with one of Kevin’s alters Casey navigates the complexities of her captivity, ultimately facing “The Beast” in a gripping battle for survival. Read the below article based on recent research to know what happened to Casey.

Who is Casey?

In the “Split” movie, the main character is Casey Cooke (played by actress Anya Taylor-Joy), who is a 17-year-old with a complicated background.

She is one of three child kidnapping victims by an unstable man named Kevin Wendell Crumb who has twenty-three different keywords due to Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

A summary of Casey’s background is provided in some instances through the sad flashbacks; which, in turn, tell the story of her childhood abuse.

Who is Casey
Casey’s resilience in ‘Split.’

Looking at the situation, Casey possesses a great deal of strength and suppleness and this quality is only sharpened by the earlier sufferings that were a breeding ground for her survival instincts.

Hedwig’s portrayal by Hedwig allows us to discern Deny’s character, which indeed has an apex point when she exposes her ability to keep calm and patient, and at the same time, it proves her ability to feel sadness and pain with Kevin while others escape it.

The issue is that Casey is more than just another victim in the movie Split, rather, she represents indomitable will and survival; she passes through the tormenting experience with a sense of purpose.

Her undeniable ability to sympathize with and relate to Kevin’s personae (the alters) is the one deciding factor in the last part of the film.

Anja Taylor-Joy’s rendering of Casey with her character as complex and delicate brings out the entire plot in detail.

The character of Casey helps the movie to touch on the subject of trauma, durability, and the human tendency to empathize even in situations that are almost impossible to comprehend by means.

Casey Cooke

What happened to Casey in the split?

In “Split,” Casey, portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy, survives being kidnapped by Kevin Wendell Crumb.

She forms a bond with Kevin’s alter ego, Hedwig, and ultimately escapes from captivity after confronting “The Beast,” one of Kevin’s dangerous personalities.

The character of Casey in the movie, “Split,” by Anay Taylor-Joy, experiences an unending nightmare after she is forced to endure being kidnapped by Kevin Wendell Crumb, a human being suffering from dissociative identity disorder.

Beyond the trauma, the one thing that shines through is Casey’s resilience which becomes manifested when she forms a special relationship with one of Kevin’s personalities – Hedwig.

This relation is substantive as it becomes the beacon in her search for Kevin’s multiple personalities climaxing in her faceoff with the deadliest persona “The Beast”.

Through her past struggles with abuse, the author reveals a side of her character’s spirit, and resilience that makes her determined to overcome whatever is thrown at her.

With the help of her resourcefulness and empathy, she rises to the occasion. Subsequently, she builds up the ability to resist Kevin’s captivity and consequently survives this shocking experience. Among the few survivors, she is.

How does Casey differ from the other kidnapped girls in “Split”?

Unlike the other kidnapped girls, Casey demonstrates a level of resilience and cunning that enables her to survive and eventually escape from her captor.

She is portrayed as resourceful and able to think strategically, which sets her apart from the other characters.

Casey’s character in “Split” distinguishes herself from the other kidnapped girls through her remarkable resilience and strategic prowess.

While her fellow captives may initially succumb to fear and helplessness, Casey demonstrates a remarkable ability to adapt and assess her situation with clarity.

Throughout the film, she strategically navigates the challenges presented by her captor, Kevin, leveraging her resourcefulness and intelligence to increase her chances of survival.

Casey’s past trauma, revealed gradually throughout the narrative, provides insight into her inner strength and resilience, as she draws upon her experiences to cope with the dire circumstances she faces.

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