What happened to Beasteaters face? Do chemical burns leave scars?

What happened to Beasteaters face – While some well-known influencers never reveal their faces, the majority of influencers make their living by filming themselves discussing their lives or other topics they may be well-known for discussing.

That means that, when something happens to a prominent influencer’s face, it’s pretty easy for their fans to notice.

That was recently the case with TikTok influencer Beasteater (whose real name is Stephanie Margarucci), who appeared on camera in late March with dark marks on her face and evident skin peeling.

What happened to Beasteaters face
How did Beasteater burn her face?

Now, many want to know what happened to her face, and whether she has explained it anywhere.

What happened to Beasteater’s face?

Beasteater burned herself chemically after applying an outdated product to her face. She used a steamer following the initial reaction, which caused an infection that spread into her bloodstream and almost killed her.

On top of that, Beasteater said she didn’t go to the ER when she should have and instead just went to urgent care.

Stephanie Margarucci

In a TikTok video posted on March 24, 2024, Beasteater jokingly explained that she had harmed her face by jumping into a vat of acid.

She explained that she was in a chemical plant with a man she loved, and the man said that if he loved her, she would jump in the acid.

She said that she did, and then he followed her, essentially describing the origin story for the Joker and Harley Quinn.

It isn’t clear exactly what skincare product Beasteater used, but it expired back in 2020, which is why she had such a severe reaction, and her attempts to solve the problem only made things worse.

Fortunately, it appears that the damage will eventually heal, and Beasteater has not held back when showcasing it to her fan base. Hopefully, Beasteater and her fans will learn from this the risks associated with using potent, out-of-date products.

Looking back on the event, Margarucci acknowledged a mistake in judgment.

“When I should have gone to the ER, I went to urgent care instead,” she said. This open disclosure highlights the significance of treating skin reactions carefully—a lesson discovered the hard way.

A range of emotions, including shock, sympathy, and skepticism, were expressed online. One user exclaimed, “Holy sh*t, that’s worse than I was expecting. must be so painful, yikes,” capturing the visceral response many had.

Another pondered the mystery of the situation, saying, “I’m not implying she’s lying, but I honestly can’t fathom what product could have caused a chemical burn from being expired.

I mean, how the heck does that happen?” It is a reasonable question considering the muddle and uncertainty surrounding this incident.

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