General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 12-16: Unveils Gladys, Drew, and Ava’s Impact in Port Charles!

As the summer heat rises, the drama in Port Charles is reaching its boiling point. General Hospital fans are in for a week filled with shocking twists, emotional encounters, and life-changing decisions.

From surprising alliances to unexpected visitors, let’s dive into the tantalizing spoilers for the week of June 12-16, 2023.

Monday, June 12:

The week kicks off with Gladys, feeling anxious about an unknown situation. Meanwhile, Jordan extends her support to a friend in need.

Drew provides Carly with an important update, and the community comes together to celebrate Curtis’ birthday.

Tuesday, June 13:

Spencer, the young Cassadine, surprises everyone by delivering a mysterious gift. Nina, on the edge and full of nerves, finds herself facing unexpected challenges.


Sonny confronts Gladys, questioning her motives. Drew makes an intriguing offer, while Ava, always perceptive, senses an opportunity that could change everything.

Wednesday, June 14:

A plea for help leads Cody to seek assistance from Sam, setting the stage for a potentially game-changing event. Olivia finds herself at a crossroads, weighing a crucial decision that could have far-reaching consequences.

Sasha’s concern for Willow prompts her to check in on her friend. The Quartermaines, a legendary family in Port Charles, are left reeling from an unexpected turn of events.

Thursday, June 15:

Curtis and Trina’s paths intertwine, leading to a connection that could have significant implications. Austin, the new face in town, offers a cautionary word to Laura, raising suspicions about his true intentions.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 12-16 Unveils Gladys, Drew, and Ava's Impact in Port Charles!
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week June 12-16: Unveils Gladys, Drew, and Ava’s Impact in Port Charles!

Jordan receives an intriguing opportunity that tests her loyalty. Meanwhile, quick thinking becomes essential for Nina as she faces an unforeseen predicament.

Friday, June 16:

Ava, known for her fiery personality, surprises everyone by assuming the role of the voice of reason in a chaotic situation. Drew seeks counsel from Sam, highlighting their enduring connection.

Liz, ever the compassionate friend, offers guidance to Portia during a challenging time. TJ opens up to Alexis, creating an emotional bond. Lastly, Jordan receives a surprise visitor, igniting speculation about what lies ahead for her.


The week of June 12-16 at General Hospital promises to be an exhilarating rollercoaster ride for fans. With Gladys, Drew, and Ava playing pivotal roles in various storylines, unexpected alliances and life-altering decisions are in the cards.

As Port Charles residents face intriguing opportunities and confront personal challenges, viewers can anticipate heart-pounding moments, emotional revelations, and surprising twists that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

Don’t miss out on the action-packed episodes, as General Hospital continues to deliver compelling storytelling that captivates audiences worldwide.

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