General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 3–7: Eddie is in trouble, Molly confides in Kristina

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 3–7 indicate that Drew will receive something special as he gets ready to bid his freedom farewell. Scout may have a small farewell gift for her father, but it is also possible that Carly is the source of this token of affection.

Regardless, Carly and Sam will meet to discuss any issues they may still be having. Sam will understand that Drew made his decision and disregarded Carly’s wishes, even though she still will not be pleased with him accepting responsibility for Carly’s sake.

Glady needs to calm down

Gladys will then become alarmed, which could make it difficult for her to maintain her original account of the stolen bracelet.

Dante will face some suspicions, while Selina anticipates Gladys to carry out the directive and exonerate Cody.

Eddie’s troubles to amplify soon

Tracy will schedule a meeting with Diane at that time, so could this be an effort to coerce “Eddie Maine,” aka Ned, into receiving treatment? Whatever the case, Tracy will demonstrate that it is her way or the highway, so anyone who gets in her way needs to be on their guard!

Tracy will undoubtedly disregard the warning if she is on the receiving end because Brook Lynn will also issue one. Tracy will be depending on Brook Lynn to come through for her with information on The Deceptor wand as we watch her juggle various schemes, including the one she has in motion at Deception.

Lucy and Martin’s relationship is under damage control

With Felicia, Lucy might be in for some surprises as a result of her investigation into Martin’s dubious activities and financial records.

Later, Martin will respond to a suggestion made by someone, so he will have to choose whether to accept it or not. Due to the fact that Martin is allowing the lies to mount, he risked further damaging his relationship with Lucy.

Mini Spoilers

When it comes to the entire SEC nightmare, Nina will be hoping that the storm has passed her by. Although Nina is to blame for the mess she created, she will get some good news and should be able to forget about her tip to “Eddie.”

According to additional GH spoilers, Molly will confide in Kristina as she deals with all the setbacks in her family planning. Despite Molly’s decision to postpone her plans to have children, Kristina will undoubtedly encourage her.

General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 3–7
General Hospital Spoilers Next Week July 3–7

This could pave the way for Kristina to make an incredible offer, which might lead to her eventually bearing a child for Molly and TJ. TJ will receive advice from Curtis and Marshall as he works to give Molly the space she requires.

Terry will offer Elizabeth some motivation while Finn expresses his regret to someone. Could that mean that Liz and Finn decide to pursue a second chance at love? It remains to be seen whether Liz will hang out with Portia and give her advice.

Anna across the street will need to decide what to do next, especially since Valentin is away in Chechnya. That could provide Anna with the chance to reflect on her life and determine what her plans are for the future now that she is no longer reliant on the WSB. We will see if Anna sticks to her guns when making a decision, and whether that is good or bad!

Keep reading to learn the shocking news that General Hospital spoilers predict will involve several Port Charles residents taking interesting detours.

No episode on Tuesday, July 4th

It is important to note that on Tuesday, July 4, there will not be a new episode. You can catch Sonya’s tribute again if you missed it the first time or just want to watch it again because the show will air a repeat for the Fourth of July holiday. The action will resume on Wednesday, July 5 with yet another brand-new episode and plenty of Port Charles drama.

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