General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Sonny Confronts Ava’s Dark Confession and Curtis Faces Health Struggles

In the next two weeks on General Hospital, the lives of our favorite characters will be filled with suspense and intrigue. Let’s dive into the thrilling storylines that await the residents of Port Charles. The upcoming episodes of General Hospital promise two weeks of gripping drama and intriguing plot twists.

Josslyn demands answers from Carly about the house sale, leading to shocking news about Carly’s future. Meanwhile, Sonny grows increasingly worried about Ava’s connection to Austin, leading to a confrontation that uncovers a dark secret.

Laura’s search for Nikolas takes an unexpected turn, while Molly and TJ make a life-changing decision. Amidst suspicions and secrets, Port Charles residents find themselves embroiled in intense conflicts and schemes that will leave viewers at the edge of their seats.

Josslyn’s Demand for Answers: Carly’s Surprising Revelation

Josslyn Jacks confronts her mother, Carly Spencer, about the sale of their house and demands the truth. Carly’s explanation reveals a shocking twist in her life, as she takes over ownership of Kelly’s thanks to Bobbie Spencer’s generosity. This new path comes with major implications for Carly’s future, as she faces financial challenges.

Sonny’s Growing Worries and Ava’s Dark Confession

Sonny Corinthos receives a troubling report about Ava Jerome’s connection to Austin Gatlin-Holt. His suspicions deepen when he catches Ava arguing with the new nanny, Mason Gatlin.

Ava finally opens up to Sonny and confesses her involvement in a violent incident, leaving Sonny determined to protect his daughter, Avery, at all costs.

Brook Lynn’s Playful Dare and Elizabeth and Finn’s Date Night

Brook Lynn Quartermaine shows her playful side when she dares Harrison Chase to do something unexpected. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Baldwin and Hamilton Finn enjoy a date, and the question remains whether Liz will cook for Finn as planned.

Curtis’ Struggles and Portia’s Uncertainty

Curtis Ashford continues to grapple with devastating news about his health, and his emotional turmoil leads him to lash out at Portia Robinson.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

Portia is taken aback by his reaction and faces uncertainty about their relationship, seeking support from Liz during this difficult time.

Laura’s Search for Nikolas and a Major Fight at Pentonville

Laura Collins embarks on a search for Nikolas with Valentin Cassadine’s help, unaware that Nikolas is closer to home than they realize. Meanwhile, Pentonville becomes a battleground as a major fight ensues, possibly involving Drew Cain, who could face solitary confinement and a potential extension of his sentence.

Molly and TJ’s Life-Changing Decision

Molly Lansing-Davis and TJ Ashford make a significant decision together, which could involve accepting Kristina Corinthos-Davis’ offer to be their surrogate. The couple faces a life-altering choice that will have profound implications for their future.

Sonny’s New Theory and Carly’s Interrogation of Ava

Sonny settles on a new theory, possibly related to his suspicions about Gladys Corbin or another unexpected angle. Meanwhile, Carly confronts Ava, sensing that Sonny has intervened. While Carly may not get all the details, she realizes that Ava is in desperate need of help.

Lucy’s Confrontation with Martin and Surprising Revelations

Lucy Coe confronts Martin Grey about his hidden alimony deposits, demanding an explanation for his secret-keeping. As the truth unravels, both Lucy and Ned Quartermaine learn surprising secrets that could change their lives.

Maxie’s Damage Control and Tracy’s Scheming Return

Maxie Jones works to repair Deception’s reputation in the aftermath of Sasha’s crisis. Meanwhile, Tracy Quartermaine pays a visit to the Deception offices, ready to scheme and strategize as only she can.

Laura’s Encouragement to Valentin and Anna’s Plan

Laura gives Valentin some encouragement, urging him to reconnect with Anna Devane. Anna shares her plan to catch the mysterious forces threatening her, and Laura becomes concerned about the rising conflict between Spencer Cassadine and Esme Prince.

General Hospital promises two weeks filled with suspense, shocking revelations, and life-changing decisions. Be sure to tune in to witness the captivating storylines unfold in Port Charles.

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