General Hospital Spoilers July 24 2023: Carly Surprises Josslyn with Kelly’s Revelation, Drew Clashes

In the thrilling world of General Hospital, the drama continues to unfold as familiar faces and new challenges collide. On Monday, July 24, the residents of Port Charles find themselves caught in a web of surprising revelations, unexpected opportunities, and dangerous encounters.

Carly Spencer shocks her daughter, Josslyn Jacks, with an exciting announcement that changes the course of their family’s legacy.

Meanwhile, tensions escalate inside Pentonville as Drew Cain clashes with the menacing Cyrus Renault, and Nina Reeves offers compassionate support to those facing difficult times.

Ava Jerome’s life takes a mysterious turn as she encounters a shady nanny, while a gruesome discovery leaves everyone on edge.

As secrets and confessions loom on the horizon, the captivating drama of General Hospital continues to captivate viewers, promising more twists and turns in the days to come.

Carly’s Surprising Opportunity

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital, Carly Spencer shocks her daughter Josslyn Jacks with an exciting revelation. She discloses that their family’s beloved institution, Kelly’s, has been entrusted to her care.

Carly explains that Bobbie Spencer, her mother, sold the restaurant to her for a mere dollar, leading to Carly’s excitement about this unexpected opportunity.

Although Carly plans to properly compensate Bobbie later, she expresses her gratitude for the cheap safety net for now. The prospect of owning Kelly’s gives Carly a renewed sense of purpose, and she is determined to make the restaurant a must-visit destination on the waterfront, drawing in more customers and adding to its legacy.

Drew’s Clash with Cyrus

Inside Pentonville, tensions rise as Drew Cain clashes with the dangerous and cunning Cyrus Renault. Cyrus seems to have ulterior motives and wants Drew to carry out his dirty work.

There is a particular individual, possibly an inmate named “Book,” whom Cyrus desperately wants out of the picture, and this person is set to return in the upcoming episodes.

General Hospital Spoilers July 24 2023
General Hospital Spoilers July 24 2023

“Book” is infamous for his violent past, earning his nickname from using a dictionary to beat someone into a vegetative state. Knowing Cyrus, he may nudge Drew to eliminate this dangerous inmate, but Drew, hopefully, will assert that he won’t be manipulated and used as a pawn in Cyrus’s schemes.

Nina’s Compassionate Support

At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Nina Reeves shares distressing updates with Willow Corinthos and Michael Corinthos regarding Sasha Gilmore’s devastating setback, which has landed her at Ferncliff.

Nina’s compassion during this trying time impresses Willow, and they find a chance to bond over their shared concern for Sasha’s well-being.

Ava’s Unhappy Encounter with the Shady Nanny

Elsewhere, Austin Gatlin-Holt reaches out to Ava Jerome over the phone, reassuring her that everything will be fine if she plays along with their plan.

However, Ava’s mood changes drastically when she meets Betty Rutherford, the nanny Mason Gatlin is sending over. Ava senses something amiss with Betty, and her unease intensifies when she realizes that Betty’s goal is to gather intel on Sonny Corinthos.

Since Betty will be around Avery Corinthos, Ava becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of the nanny being close to her daughter. She questions Betty’s confidence in fooling Sonny and is wary of the potential consequences of the nanny’s presence.

A Gruesome Discovery and Sonny’s Determination

Meanwhile, Dex Heller makes a shocking discovery, which usually indicates the discovery of a body in typical GH fashion. Dex may stumble upon a body that has already been dealt with, raising suspicions about the ongoing secrets involving Austin and Ava.

Despite being unaware of Nikolas Cassadine’s continued existence, Austin and Ava remain in the dark about this revelation. Dex later reports his findings to Sonny, who urges him to continue investigating Austin and uncover more information.

Ava’s Verge of Confession

The drama intensifies when Sonny unexpectedly walks in on Ava and Betty in a tense confrontation. Sonny decides to confront Ava directly, insisting that she come clean about the trouble she’s in so he can assist her. Ava is on the verge of making a full confession, and viewers can anticipate more dramatic twists and revelations as the storyline unfolds.

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