General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks: Carly’s Gamble – Drew’s Legal Battle, and Gregory’s Internal Battle

In the enchanting world of ‘General Hospital,’ secrets simmer, alliances shift, and unexpected twists propel characters on a journey of challenges and revelations.

The upcoming two weeks promise a gripping narrative that spans legal battles, family dynamics, and the unveiling of hidden agendas.

As the residents of Port Charles navigate the treacherous waters of relationships and responsibilities, fans are in for an exhilarating ride filled with difficult decisions and surprising outcomes.

Legal Maneuvers: Carly’s Bold Move and Lucy’s Pursuit of Truth

According to General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the upcoming two weeks, from August 28 to September 8, Carly will encourage Diane to take on Drew’s case in an effort to free him from jail.

The week of August 28–September 1 will be a period of discovery that will pique Diane’s interest, and she may discover a legal weakness that she can use.

Stella will try her best to talk sense into Curtis even though it appears that he will want to abandon his physical therapy and check out of his facility early.

Family Ties Tested: Stella’s Concern for Curtis and Gregory’s Dilemma

As she questions Martin about the secrets he has been keeping, particularly regarding those payments from Pine Valley, Lucy will go over to him and fling a drink at him.

Martin will make an effort to justify his lies, but when he finds reasons to avoid assisting Lucy with her preparation for court, Lucy will grow even more irritated.

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks
General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

As Jackson will be her opponent, Elise, a different lawyer, will represent Lucy in the lawsuit. However, Elise will have her work cut out for her because of this.

When Lucy learns of Tracy’s involvement in all of this, she will be concerned that her empire is about to fall. Tracy will make a splash!

Unraveling Schemes: Gladys’s Confession and Cody’s Intrigue

Gladys will then tell Nina about her gambling addiction and that Dr. Damon is requesting payment in exchange for releasing Sasha.

Even though Gladys will be adamant that Nina is required, she will downplay her role in Sasha’s suffering. Gladys will be able to get Nina to pay off her debts, but that will present a major challenge for her because Nina will want to update Sonny.

Sonny might discover that Gladys concocted a scheme with Dr. Montague in order to maintain her grip on Sasha’s finances if Nina is sincere with him.

Family Plans and Hidden Truths

Harrison will make a pitch in the meantime and try to persuade someone to accept it.

Making family plans may be necessary to accomplish this, but Gregory may not be able to do so given his decline.

In any case, it appears Gregory may decide to postpone telling Chase the truth about his ALS because he is aware that doing so will break his son’s heart.

Cyrus’s Web of Intrigue and Sonny’s Peril

Cyrus will annoy Drew at Pentonville and make him feel uncomfortable. Drew could be in more danger the longer he is kept incarcerated with Cyrus.

When it comes to Sonny, he will be in a risky situation. Around this time, Diane is expected, so Sonny might need to be helped out of a sticky situation.

Dex might be cornered by Carly in order to get him to explain how Sonny got into his most recent mess because she will be pressing for explanations.

He will be even more committed to helping Sasha now that he is back with Cody. Cody will attempt to save Sasha in her room after he has presumably been admitted to Ferncliff, per the plan.

While trying to control the chaos, Cody will have an eye-opening experience that could lead to him learning more about Dr. Montague’s scheme from Gladys.

Cody’s Determination and Unforeseen Reckonings

Cody will attempt to get himself locked up at Ferncliff by pretending to have a mental breakdown. Although Sam has agreed to assist Cody, this plan entails a lot of dangers.

Sam will also confess to someone, so Dante will not be happy when he finds out the lengths to which she went to support Cody’s Ferncliff plan.

However, Cody might not feel as though he belongs at Ferncliff, and Mac will probably fight to get him out because of his fierce sense of determination.

That might lead to Mac going to see Cody so that he can share with him what he has learned about doubtful Dr. Montague and Gladys.

Alexis’s Blunt Honesty and Nina’s Journey

Alexis will be completely honest with Nina while Molly and Kristina are having yet another heated argument.

Nina might not like Alexis’ direct style, but she might value hearing the truth even if it comes across as rude. If Nina wants to establish a genuine connection with Willow, Alexis might bring up her past mistakes and caution her against making the same ones in the future.

In addition, Nina will receive some advice, but it is safe to say that Nina will unavoidably make more errors as she progresses!

Gregory’s Courage and Lingering Secrets

In Gregory’s case, he will make an effort to muster the courage to take action but ultimately lose faith. Gregory may decide not to tell Chase the truth about his ALS, which would likely cause the confession to be delayed even longer.

Stay tuned for all the major news coming up as General Hospital spoilers predict that the upcoming two weeks will bring some difficult decisions and shockers.

Mini Spoilers

Selina’s latest attempt to take over The Savoy apparently will not succeed, according to other GH spoilers that indicate her plot will be thwarted.

There will be a ton more Port Charles drama during the week of September 4–8. On September 4, an encore will be broadcast before brand-new episodes of the program return.

Anna will follow Valentin, but that might cause her to see things differently. Since Anna will eventually apologize, Valentin may have some valid justifications for his secrecy.

In addition, Josslyn will act as a confidante for Trina and later for Dex. Josslyn will try her best to pay close attention, ask thoughtful questions, and provide guidance.

Ned, a.k.a. “Eddie Maine,” will perform elsewhere and put on quite a show; consequently, he will be enjoying his rock-and-roll lifestyle. When Olivia tries to trigger “Eddie’s” memory, it might be more difficult due to this.

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