General Hospital Spoilers February 24, 2023: Laura and Sonny Comfort Spencer

General Hospital reveals that Dante Falconeri and Jordan Ashford commence posing questions on Friday. Josslyn “Joss” Jacks, played by Eden McCoy, is struggling.

Spencer Cassadine will need Laura Collins and Sonny Corinthos to be present. Kin Shriber’s character, Scott Baldwin, asks Robert Scorpio for assistance.

Again, Heather Webber leaves Spring Ridge without a word. Esme Prince is extremely anxious about the future.

Jordan Ashford and Dante Falconeri slide deep into the challenging questions.

Jordan needs Dante’s assistance to solve a few cases that have become intertwined, so he has returned to American territory. Jordan demands explanations, Heather claims to be The Hook, and Adam Huss’s Nikolas Cassadine has vanished. Will she believe it if someone admits to assaulting Nikolas?

Let’s say Joss Jacks Is split by her emotions.

Joss will be even more perplexed when Dex Heller explains that he doesn’t have the means to separate his work from her personal life.

General Hospital Spoilers February 24, 2023: Joss will be even more perplexed when Dex Heller
General Hospital Spoilers February 24, 2023: Joss will be even more perplexed when Dex Heller

Dex cannot remain in Port Charles if Joss and Dex cannot be together in public while he is employed by Sonny. How come?

Sonny Corinthos and Laura Collins Are Present For Spencer Cassadine

Even though Laura and Sonny will make an effort to comfort Spencer, he will still be preoccupied with tidying up the mess his father has left behind.

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Will his relative be able to make him see reason and convince him not to assume his dad’s duties?

Leaks for General Hospital: A Tease A Proposal From Scott Baldwin To Robert Scorpio

Scott believes he can use his connections to get a favorable arrangement for Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst). Will Robert be in the right frame of mind to assist him?

Salutations from Heather Webber

Once more, Heather is able to break free of the bonds that confine her. This time, Esme feels a little apprehensive because she is visiting General Hospital to check on her granddaughter and daughter.

Esme Price worries about being ill

Esme is anxious about what will happen to her infant next. Her child will enter the system if she is sent back to jail. Will a rational person step forward to save her infant?

On Friday, February 24, which GH plot are you most looking forward to watching? Please let us know, and come return often for updates and GH spoilers.

Fans of General Hospital are anticipating the upcoming show, which is expected to be filled with surprises and shocks, with bated breath.

Time will only reveal. Watch for the upcoming General Hospital show.

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